Get on the Damn Train Now

So you all thought I was some nerd scrub throwing around numbers and spreads. Mick introduced me as some "numbers" guy. I would call myself a guy's guy, a couch guy like all of you. Well, yeah you all took my picks for granted and now I'm going to the bank while you all are... Continue Reading →


Weekly Thoughts on the Isles: First Edition

So I want to start this weekly thing where I share my thoughts on the Islanders with no analysis or statistics/numbers, leave that to the nerds. Just going to call it like I see it. So to start off, I only got to watch two games this week because I am a relatively busy dude.... Continue Reading →

State of the McAdoo-nion

Let's lazily assume that my last time sitting down to be a dyed-in-the-wool blogger was May 1st. With considerations for Kaline Sports topics, a whole hell of a lot has happened.  Simply put, the Giants stink and the Yanks are on the verge of the Fall Classic.  The Fall has been a tumultuous season.  I've... Continue Reading →

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