Capt. Gets a Hatty. Coyotes Still Stink. Isles Chalk Up 3rd Straight W

Not going to lie, after the first period I was a little nervous. I am no where near as confident in this team as I could be. In fact, losing to not only the last place team in the NHL, but the last team in the NHL without a win is definitely an Islanders move.... Continue Reading →


Weekly Thoughts on the Isles: First Edition

So I want to start this weekly thing where I share my thoughts on the Islanders with no analysis or statistics/numbers, leave that to the nerds. Just going to call it like I see it. So to start off, I only got to watch two games this week because I am a relatively busy dude.... Continue Reading →

Islanders Post-Season Update #1

Season just ended last weekend, and we are already at the first update, isn't that special. There are a couple of updates, not exactly sure how to take them, much like this entire organization all of the time. I'm also a couple of days late but whatever, I'm a relatively busy guy. So the big... Continue Reading →

Stanley Cup Playoffs: Round One

The most electrifying playoffs in all of sports is upon us. This Wednesday the journey to claim Lord Stanley's Cup begins. Now even though the Islanders couldn't clinch a spot, I am still absolutely ecstatic. There is no hockey like Stanley Cup Playoff Hockey. So for those of you who don't know, this is what... Continue Reading →

Sidney Crosby Needs To Relax

Sid, Sid, Sid. We get it. You are the best in the world and there is zero argument about that, but you gotta relax dude. You may just need to take a couple of games off, I think the pressure of playoffs coming up or your ability (or lack there of) to grow facial hair... Continue Reading →

Tom Sestito Is The Worst

Enforcers--an aspect of hockey whose necessity is often debated. I mean there is even a movie about the concept of the enforcer, and a sequel coming soon. But Tom Sestito took everything that was likable about an enforcer, and just shoved it in a locker. The Penguins called him up for their game against Winnipeg.... Continue Reading →

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