J-E-T-S *Vomits Into Hands* Pt. II

This is a continuing ice-water take on options for the Jets this off-season.  You can catch part 1 of my take on the Jets off-season maneuvering options right here. By now there should be cascading tweets regarding the legal tampering period pouring into your timelines.  Probably not.  Still, it's an exciting day for the NFL as... Continue Reading →


The Tangent: NFL Free Agency

Welcome to The Tangent:  Your #1 source for NFL analysis and opinions from blogs written by a strictly decent amateur.  As a weekly staple in your commute, lunch break or lavatory visit, The Tangent will provide nothing but the most slanted, one-sided discussions and room temperature still-water takes on all things NFL.  If you are unsatisfied with the content... Continue Reading →

J-E-T-S *Vomits Into Hands* PT. 1

The New York Jets    my favorite dumpster fire back page fodder football team    have quite the interesting off-season ahead of them.  In what's been a perpetuated in the franchise's history, the Jets have a quarterback problem.  They also have an offensive line, tight end, secondary and locker room problem too.  A laundry list of... Continue Reading →

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