Being a Degenerate: Week 11 Edition

We are 7-2 ATS through 3 weeks of doing this and we will roll this week after a 1-2 week in week 11. Love my plays this week. Here we go. 1. Baltimore Ravens at Green Bay Packers (+2) Ravens favored on the road? Excuse me. Look, the Packers roster may not be great but... Continue Reading →


Being a Degenerate: Week 10 Edition

Welcome back to the most anticipated sports blogging segment of this NFL season (it has only been a thing for 2 weeks). After 2 weeks of this segment, we are 6-0 (6-1 if you count my play I gave during another blog). 6-0 or 6-1 that is still pretty good so get on the train... Continue Reading →

Get on the Damn Train Now

So you all thought I was some nerd scrub throwing around numbers and spreads. Mick introduced me as some "numbers" guy. I would call myself a guy's guy, a couch guy like all of you. Well, yeah you all took my picks for granted and now I'm going to the bank while you all are... Continue Reading →

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