The Aaron Hernandez Everyone Cared About Died a Long Time Ago

Although his story concluded with him dangling from his jail cell ceiling, Aaron Hernandez in fact died a long time ago. May those affected prosper, and may he rot.


What’s Your Top Ten Movie List and Why is Catch Me If You Can not on it?

I'm not here to polarize the movie watching community with a random movie take.  I'm very particular when it comes to what movies I spend my precious time watching.  I'm not gonna sit down and watch The Fast and the Furious (there I said it, that movie stinks), any horror movie (can't have my sleep... Continue Reading →

Got Bent Over by Insomnia Last Night 

Unlike Buddy the Elf, I wouldn't categorize getting a full 40 minutes of sleep on a given night as great.  Last night, I touched the depths of insomnia like never before.  There was definitely external factors that got the ball rolling, but once it started downhill there was no stopping this train. I conceded defeat... Continue Reading →

Got my First Taste of a Nine to Five 

Another interruption from my Giants blogs to bring to you an unsolicited update on my life. Since I'm with the lowest percentile of college kids--the ones who do not go away on spring break with their friends--I'm assisting my mom at the office today and tomorrow (assisting meaning organizing a filing cabinet and making labels).... Continue Reading →

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