A Fall in the Life of a Deshaun Watson Fantasy Owner

Draft Day:

In the late rounds of a 2-QB league draft having already drafted Carson Wentz and Philip Rivers I see Deshaun Watson on the board. Not knowing about the Texans quarterback situation because I mean really who cares at all, I take Deshaun Watson in the second-to-last round and figure to be a stash worst case. OH BOY did I hear it from the rest of the draft room.


Making it like I just drafted the second coming of Satan. I mean come on guys it’s the 14th round.

Week 1:

Tom Savage starting. Tom Savage STINKS. Deshaun comes in and leads to a touchdown drive to open the second half. There is hope.

giphy (1)

And then Deshaun sucks just like an Texans QB ever.

Weeks 2-3:

Ok this is a legitimate quarterback. Maybe not a fantasy stud but a serviceable backup.

Week 4:

The man explodes. 5 total touchdowns. Over 300 yards. This is a starter and a good one at that.

giphy (2)

Time to start this man for Philip “go take a shit in a” Rivers.

Week 5:

And you thought he couldn’t do better. 5 more touchdowns. No interceptions. We have the biggest steal of the year not named Kareem Hunt. This guy is a top 5 fantasy QB.

giphy (3)

Week 6:

Ok he came back to earth a little bit. But 23 fantasy points, I’ll take that every week.

Week 7:

Bye Week. Perfect get this man some rest.

Week 8:

Watson against Seattle’s D. What do I do? Start the damn man and boy was it rewarded. Explosion #2. He’s back and better than ever. 400 yards. 4 touchdowns. 67 more on the ground. A 40 fantasy point week. Jesus has risen. I can’t contain myself.

giphy (4)

If you want the video of me doing that, ask Tropp.

Thursday, November 2nd (leading up to week 9):

*checks phone*

“Breaking: Texans fear star rookie QB Deshaun Watson tore his ACL in practice today (Rapoport)”

You nerd Ian Rapoport better be lying or have misheard your “sources”

*5 minutes later*

“Deshaun Watson out for season”

I don’t know what to do with myself.


Even better Philip Rivers is on a bye this week and I will be starting Drew Stanton this week. Yeah, how’s your day going?


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