Mickey Callaway: The Baseball Guy We Deserve

First things first, I need to thank Terry Collins for his service as the Mets manager. This is not an easy position to take with the absolute boondoggle (shoutout Tropp) that is called Mets management. But he led them to their first World Series appearance that I can remember as a human with financial limitations. All good things must come to an end. As Harvey Dent once said “You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”. Terry Collins unfortunately became the villain and the face of blame for the Mets injury- ridden, roller coaster ride 2017 season.

Enter the hero we deserve.

Lets just take a look at this guy. First thing that comes to my mind is lumberjack. Second thing is baseball coach. This guy just looks like he knows what he is doing. But for real this guy has had some serious success as a pitching coach and if the Mets want any chance to succeed in the next 3-5 years they will need their current pitching to step up. Coming into 2017 the Mets had expectations to go to the World Series led by their starting rotation. They ended with the 28th team ERA. Yeah, they lost Thor for the whole season but they need someone to motivate these pitchers and this team to the next level. Well, what has Mickey Callaway done to help his pitchers. He was the pitching coach to the 2014 Cy Young Corey Kluber. He turned once highly touted prospect turned sub 500. pitcher, Trevor Bauer, into what he was supposed to be when drafted 3rd overall. His 2017 pitching staff turned the best team ERA, most strikeouts and least walks. Yeah, that’s pretty good.

Now what can he do for the Mets. Well first off, hopefully without him we would have Syndergaard and Degrom as our two aces. Now maybe Callaway can get Matz out of his rut he was in during the 2017 season. And do the same for Matt Harvey who I would say is in more than just a rut. The Mets also need a back end starter to eat innings but that is on Sandy Alderson. Beyond the starting rotation, we hope this bullpen can turn into one similar to the Indians. Of course the Mets don’t have the talent the Indians did in Andrew Miller and Cody Allen, but anything better than what we have been getting would be a plus. A full season of Ramos, Familia, Blevins can do wonders for this team. Maybe even an offseason relief acquisition could be in the works. For the hitters, a young hip coach like Callaway can motivate this young, yet anemic (at times) lineup. The Indians had a similar lineup to the Mets as it is filled with both budding stars and veterans. Of course, Callaway didn’t deal with the hitters in Cleveland it will be up to him to motivate them and get a hitting coach to improve them.

As a Met fan, I love this outside-the-box hire. I did not want the Mets to hire a recycled coach like Bob Geren or Manny Acta. I wanted someone who was new to being a manger and would come to New York with a chip on his shoulder to prove something. Of course there is a lot of work to be done this offseason by Sandy, like getting an innings eater, a reliever and a power hitting corner infielder. but this is a good start to a busy offseason for Alderson and one I am excited for.



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