Capt. Gets a Hatty. Coyotes Still Stink. Isles Chalk Up 3rd Straight W

Not going to lie, after the first period I was a little nervous. I am no where near as confident in this team as I could be. In fact, losing to not only the last place team in the NHL, but the last team in the NHL without a win is definitely an Islanders move.

It certainly was not an ideal start. Not only did the Coyotes open up the scoring but the Isles looked like straight up hot garbage. They had really weak possessions and were forcing a lot of shots. Not a big fan of any of that.

Then they came out and JT put up his first of the night, off of an apple from Eberle. Just an absolutely golden deflection that went top shelf on the tendy.

They got a power play at some point and MSG threw the percentages for the Isles power play and the Yotes penalty kill. The Islanders percentage was literally 4%. That is laugh out loud funny. I wasn’t even mad, just thought it was hysterical.

Just when you thought he couldn’t score another…

God the chemistry on that line is just exquisite. He actually got knocked down right after the goal and all the air left my lungs. Don’t touch my captain like that.

Things got dicey to start off the 3rd. Halak let up an absolute knuckle puck goal, not exactly sure how it even snuck in. Another power play came and you will not believe the result. It was a goal, but it didn’t just come from anyone. BROCKYYYYYY. Turns out Brock was not just a warm body tonight, good stuff.

Side note: How about Aaron Asham hopping on the broadcast. He was dressed like the accounting professor that everyone tries to avoid getting in his section. He was very serious tonight. Loosen up a little Aaron.


DON’T. LET. HIM. GET. HOT. I don’t know where I would be without him. I will literally be a dead man if he isn’t an Islander come this time next season. 4 point night for the kid and they take home the win, love it.


PS- I have not forgot, the Barclays Center is still infuriating. When Tavares scored the hatty there was like 7 hats on the ice.


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