Martavis Bryant Saga: An Absolute Boondoggle

So I am no expert, but I don’t think Martavis Bryant wants to be a Steeler. His tenure with the team has been rather convoluted to say the least. Bryant had his two pretty good seasons where he posted 1,314 yards receiving and 14 touchdowns, he had become that second option for Ben when Heath Miller retired and Brown had come to the forefront of the receiving core.

Then take those two seasons and kind of throw them on the back burner because he had his trouble with the devil’s lettuce and subsequently was suspended all of last season for it. Last season, a season where we could have benefitted from his presence obviously.

So the NFL draft comes along in May and in the second round the Steelers draft JuJu Smith-Schuster out of USC. At the time I was a bit “eh” about the pick. Not exactly the position I wanted the team to draft in the second round, but I trust the organization.

Then Markus Wheaton signs with the Bears in the off-season and Sammie Coates gets traded to the Browns (HA), whatever Coates hand had been broken for like a year, and I feel like Wheaton was injured every other week, being on the IR was one of his favorite extracurriculars.  Justin Hunter was signed as well, trying to give a tall guy on the outside for Ben to throw to.

August comes around and Bryant officially gets reinstated by the NFL and can return to the Steelers. I was very happy to hear the news. Bryant is the best #2 guy in the league IMO, and he could be the #1 on several teams who are in need.

The season starts and he is frustrated with how he is being involved in the offense, or lack there of. He somewhat has taken a back seat to the involvement of Brown (obviously), but Smith-Schuster as well. I’m sure that his involvement will only take an impact more with the return of Eli Rogers.

It came out that he wanted to be traded, his girlfriend even tweeted about it. He later denied the report and said that he didn’t want to go anywhere. After the game yesterday he got tagged in an Instagram post and the person said something along the lines of “JuJu is better than you”. Sort of reignited the issues eh? . He promptly responded that JuJu is no where near as good as him. He deleted that post and wrote something more detailed and intricate, but I’m not here to break down the semantics, I’m here to talk about this guy’s future with the team.

Do I want him to go? No, of course not, I’d be an idiot if I wanted him to just go. Am I worried about how the team will perform without him? Not even the slightest bit. The Steelers would be absolutely fine without him, as you can see the offense has been fine, virtually without using him for the past two weeks.

Today he skipped mandatory team meetings because he called in sick. After this it is blatantly obvious that he wants out. Bryant is throwing away an opportunity to not only win, but an opportunity to stay with a team that most likely was one of the few that would have been patient with him through his suspension issues. I’m sure plenty of teams will come out and end up making offers for him. Jerry Jones would love to have him in Dallas or something. I’m sure there are teams that are for some reason going to continue to push for the playoffs and have a massive lack of receivers at the moment @Giants. As of now, the team isn’t going to trade him, but those offers will start flying in reallll quick.




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