Weekly Thoughts on the Isles: First Edition

So I want to start this weekly thing where I share my thoughts on the Islanders with no analysis or statistics/numbers, leave that to the nerds. Just going to call it like I see it.

So to start off, I only got to watch two games this week because I am a relatively busy dude. But first thing, the most glaring issue with this team is the power play and this week did not change anything. They are ranked like 30th in the league in PP percentage. I’m not sure why they are so god awful on the man advantage, given the unit that is on the ice itself isn’t that bad. I just think they need to shoot more often when they are on it. Don’t get me wrong, I love some good puck handling but when you are a man up, you should probably shoot the puck. They also take shots at wild times. Their shots either don’t hit the net or get blocked by a defender as soon as the puck leaves the stick. I don’t know what it is with this team, I think they love to see their shots get blocked because I feel like it happens way too often.

Next, on a positive note. The team looks pretty fast. I don’t know if it is my feeble mind or not but I feel like the speed is exclusively coming from Barzal, dude is so quick. Congrats to him also on getting his first geno of his career the other night, kid is a beaut. I have been waiting so long for him to get brought up to the big leagues and he finally has and I could not be happier with the results so far, fits right into this team.

Now, the Barclays Center STINKS. I do not care how obvious of a statement that is but it does. I watch the games and just get angry. At all times it seems as though there are maybe 950 people in attendance. The place just depresses me, big time. All I can think about is having to take the Babylon line to Jamaica then having to transfer to Atlantic Terminal, makes me sick to my stomach.

I LIVE for the first line of this team, live for it. The chemistry is beautiful and it is all I have ever wanted. For years JT has been looking for a suitable winger and I think he has found one in Eberle, not to mention Lee there with him as well, which leads me to another point. Anders Lee is an absolute animal, a real masculine boy. He will have at least 40 goals this season, that’s right. Really shooting for the stars this season baby.

UFFF. How about that little play there?!? Not going to lie I was totally that guy who was screaming “SHOOOOOOOT”. Needless to say I am happy he didn’t because I loved that.

Who knew that Josh Bailey was an absolute dirt monster?

First of all he killed Joe Pavelski, he’s dead. I don’t think Josh even was sure what was going on, definitely totally blacked out on that play. BIG Josh Bailey guy these days.

PS- There will be a part of my blog every week saying that the Barclays Center STINKS until they are finally out of there. Can’t control myself. Oh yeah also, keep that guy Ho-Sang on the ice, he’s good at hockey.


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