Get on the Damn Train Now

So you all thought I was some nerd scrub throwing around numbers and spreads. Mick introduced me as some “numbers” guy. I would call myself a guy’s guy, a couch guy like all of you. Well, yeah you all took my picks for granted and now I’m going to the bank while you all are sitting on your couches wondering how you glanced over the picks.

Chicago +3: easy money, never had a doubt; The Pretty Boy Assassin had a day and Bears D shut Cam down (as I said)

Saints -4: Drew, you had me sweating for a little, but still never a doubt in my mind; the Packers roster is just brutal, it STINKS

Patriots -3: Come on, post-Superbowl, post 28-3, post-Shanahan, the Patriots were just  going to come out hot and that’s exactly what happened. DO YOUR JOB!

That’s a 3-0 Sunday. A baseball guy like Mick would call that a sweep. I call that another day in the office.

For all who doubted me, I’ll give you one more chance to get on the wagon. And it will not be the Wentz Wagon. My Monday Night Football pick is the Washington Redskins +4.

Enjoy mates.


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