The Pittsburgh Steelers Are Bipolar

Well to my 3 to 5 loyal readers…I am back. I am back to deliver my satisfactory-level takes on the Steelers, Islanders, and really whatever tickles my fancy. I need a way to work out my frustration, and this is my medium for doing so.

So the Steelers are bipolar this season. Like many things in my life, I don’t understand them. So for those of you who don’t know, they are 4-2, with wins against the Browns, Vikings, Ravens, and Chiefs; and loses *bites lip* to the Bears and Jaguars. That’s where we are right now. So yeah they played one actually good team, the rest kind of bad or actually bad.

The final score of the game against the Browns was 21-18…yikes. At first glance I said “Alright, offense is off to a slow start, no problem. I have all the faith in the world.” Let that one wash away until the next week.

Then the Vikings, much better result, 29-8, even bigger that it was in Minnesota because when the Steelers play away they forget how to play football correctly. Martavis Bryant’s first game back, touchdown and 91 yards. Beautiful, back in business, off to Chicago *fart noise*

Since I go to school in Philly, a couple of my buddies visited me and we went to the Eagles v. Giants game. Which happened to end on that BANANAS last second field goal that Jake Elliot hit from the moon. Through out the game I kept checking the scoreboard that had the rest of the scores of the games around the league on it. I saw the Steelers were moving slow…like really really slow. I let it go, I was confident that they could still pull out the win. I was so wrong. OT starts, Tarik Cohen busts through the line of scrimmage for a like 160 yard touchdown run, Steelers got lucky with a holding call. Alright 1st and whatever it is, praying for a hold here. SIKE…Jordan Howard another long run for a touchdown instantly after. We stink and my life is over. As I am surrounded by a bunch of Philadelphians celebrating like the Eagles just won the Super Bowl. I wanted no part of anything.

Next the Ravens, nothing brings me more joy than watching the Ravens get their throats punched by the Steelers…nothing. That is exactly what happened, made them look like a bunch of dumb idiots. Bell carried the ball like 6000 times and had 144 yards and two touchdowns. Back in the right direction? I think? Would never speak to soon.



This time I was at the game. I was in the Steel City for the game against the Jags. My dad, brother and I decided on this game to go to because hey they should win, RIGHT? Well let me tell you. I was at Heinz Field, in attendance for quite possibly the worst game of Ben Roethlisberger’s entire career. The Steelers lost to a team with a quarterback who didn’t even have 100 passing yards. It was THE quietest ride home from anywhere ever, and did you know that Pittsburgh is just really far away from everything? Felt like a 2 day drive.

On to Kansas City, I have never been less confident about anything in my life. No midterm or  final (nerd) had ever had me more shook than this game. Just for fun I took the Steelers against the spread. 3.5 point spread, Steelers were the dogs so why not. GUESS WHAT? I WAS RIGHT. The Steelers marched into KC and defeated the 5-0 Chiefs. They won on the back of a stout defensive effort and the 3 B’s. Bell had 179 yards from scrimmage with a touchdown, Brown had 155 yards also with a touchdown. Ben looked eh to be honest.

So here we are sitting at 4-2, offense looking better, defense actually looking good. They are #1 against the pass so far this year and #3 in total defense…I’ll take it. Give that to me intravenously, I live for it. It’s truly ironic that the side of the ball I was most worried prior to the start of the season about is that part I am now not worried about at all, and vice versa.

Ben is looking old. He is looking like he doesn’t have it anymore. I am saying this and I may be the biggest Ben homer on the planet. I have always given him the benefit of the doubt. I would typically defend that man to the death, but I’m not just hitting the panic button on Ben, I’m smashing it.



Then there are reports that Martavis Bryant wants a trade. His girlfriend is even out there slingin tweets about how it’s justified, real wild. He ended up denying them and that he doesn’t want to go anywhere.

The Steelers always find a way to play these bad teams, and somehow play down to their level. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I don’t have 100% confidence in them yet, nor will I potentially all season.

Just a real rollercoaster ride this has been for me. Nobody plays with my heart as much as the this team does. Welp…on to Cincy.

steelers on a friday

P.S.- My schedule review wasn’t very accurate to what has happened so far…soorey.


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