On Today’s Episode of “Connor McDavid Is Really Good At Hockey” Connor McDavid Ends The Blackhawks Life With This Unreal Assist

This guy, man. This guy. I find myself always saying that this guy can’t 1-up himself, but he keeps doing just that. The Oilers have been in a slump recently that they were able to kick themselves out of with a win over the Blackhawks last night. McDavid finished with assists on both the goals that got them the win.

Gorgeous cross-crease backhand sauce, a work of God. Anton Forsberg did not have a prayer of saving that shot. Oh yeah I also forgot, HE WASN’T EVEN LOOKING. I don’t understand it. How does he skate at like 88 miles per hour, how does he have that kind of puck control with Duncan Keith glued to his hip, why does he strive to make every other 20 year old like myself feel like a mush and absolutely worthless.  There he is ladies and gentleman, the future MVP for the next like 15 seasons. The reincarnation of Wayne Gretzky. “Wayne Gretzky is alive, Tropp” Yeah… I know.

PS- At the rate McDavid plays this blog will be a bi-weekly occurrence



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