Being a Degenerate: Week 7 Edition

Editors note: Long have I wanted to incorporate a gambling voice on the blog. It’s been a pool I have yet to dip my big toe in. Enter Weber. A masculine boy, a numbers guy–an accounting major at UF.  They cast Ben Affleck to play him in the movie The Accountant, and in my humble opinion, old Benny Boy not quite handsome enough to play my friend Weber. 

PS-Blog is back. We’ll make a big to-do about it at another date.
Sorry we are debuting in week 7, well I guess fortunate for the readers that you didn’t have to follow my terrible picks thus far.

Anyways, feeling a heavy turnaround so let’s do it.

First things first, brutal beat for any Chiefs followers tonight. Fortunately, for the first time in my mush of a betting career, I rode Vegas like a book tonight to get a big win.

Now to Sunday:

1) Carolina at Chicago (+3)

Death Spread Alert!!!

Giving three points on the road means trouble. Especially, when it means going up against “The Pretty Boy Assassin” Mitchell Trubisky. The Bears are a very interesting team for the rest of this season. Good O-Line and D-Line play that will keep them in games. The addition of Trubisky who played well in Baltimore last week, gets to return to Soldier Field for some redemption from his MNF debut. Carolina has played well thus far, but with Kuechly possibly out for Sunday that is a big hit to this defense. Chicago’s D can limit Cam at home. I like Chicago to play a close game and possibly win outright. Gimme the points. Chicago +3.

2) New Orleans (-4) at Green Bay

Green Bay underdogs at home WHAT!

Oh yeah, Aaron Rodgers out for season leaving Green Bay with possibly the worst roster in the NFL. Yeah, I said it. Take that with the Saints defense playing out of their minds at the moment. I get the better QB, Brees vs. Brett Hundley. I get the better D. I get the better roster as a whole. I’ll lay the 4 points and take the Saints to win big in Lambeau.

On to the final pick..

3) Atlanta at New England (-3)

I had to give y’all the Super Bowl rematch (I go to the University of Florida and I say y’all, get used to it). Cue the 28-3 jokes. Get over it Boston, your city still stinks as bad as your defense. This seems like a tough pick. It really isn’t. Atlanta just isn’t the same team they were a year ago losing Kyle Shanahan at OC. Matt Ryan has come completely back to Earth after his only great season in the NFL. Tom Brady is just about as unbeatable as they get at home. Even with this brutal defense and offense ravaged with injuries, I’ll take the Pats giving 3.

Get used to this…NFL in full swing, CFB in full swing, NBA starting up. It’s officially Degenerate Season.






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