Is There A More Electric Dude In Football Than Jon Gruden?…Nope

The draft is next week, and everyone knows what that means, Gruden’s QB Camp is full god damn swing and I love every minute of it. At this point he is the only reason I still watch Monday Night Football. My worst nightmare is for Jon Gruden to get back into coaching. As if the NFL’s ratings on Monday nights couldn’t get worse, they would absolutely plummet. He is a national treasure.

When he beat Sean McDonough with that pool noodle this past season, that was probably my favorite moment in any sports broadcast ever:

At that moment, Sean McDonough is thinking “Jesus Christ, what have I gotten myself into?”. But I don’t know I feel like he should’ve realized that if you are working with Gruden, you gotta be ready for anything, and anything includes being abused with a pool noodle. You know in Gruden’s head he’s saying “I’m gonna beat that sucker with this noodle”. Look at his smirk, he can barely contain himself. Had to establish his dominance and embarrass Sean on national TV, all in good fun for Jon.

Here’s a video of the highlights from this year’s QB Camp:

I love every second of it. “MBA, what does that mean?”. I’m convinced Jon Gruden lives in a world where he actually has no idea what an MBA is. Strictly a football guy. Then Patrick Mahomes tells him he was probably listening to Future, also doesn’t know who Future is, that is genuine Jon Gruden. He probably just has like the Classic Rock Pandora station blasting through out his house. He doesn’t need any of your Future or Drake, he’s got his Eagles and AC/DC. There is no one on Earth who loves football more than he does. Also may be the happiest person ever, never seen the guy frown. His electricity never tones down, he is always cranking at 1.21 gigawatts. Never change Jon, never change.

jon gruden

No big deal just chasing “Mitchell” Trubisky down like a dog chasing the mailman.

P.S.- Mitch Trubisky wanting to refer to himself as “Mitchell” is a big time nerd move.


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