Islanders Post-Season Update #1

Season just ended last weekend, and we are already at the first update, isn’t that special. There are a couple of updates, not exactly sure how to take them, much like this entire organization all of the time. I’m also a couple of days late but whatever, I’m a relatively busy guy.

So the big one everyone knows, Dougie Weight shed the interim title. My first reaction, I was pretty happy about this. Dougie did great things for the team, he dragged them out of the depths of hell that Jack Capuano initially led them into. The team went 24-12-4, thats a hell of a lot better than they were destined to be. But with Dougie’s official hiring brings baggage, the job security of Garth Snow. Snow having the power to make that decision just makes his position as GM that much more secure. It isn’t exactly a good look going into the offseason without a GM. Garth Snow will have full control going into this next season. I often use this gif as a reaction to many things in my life, but this may be the most appropriate use of it ever for me:

larry david

Next thing isn’t really an update, just a mission. The Islander’s #1 offseason target is signing John Tavares to a contract extension. For any person with a brain, I think that is obvious.  From the fan’s perspective, he is our star, our golden goose. While I think they will be able to sign him to an extension, it’s a scary thought. Although, there are points of optimism from this speculation. Tavares likes Doug Weight, a lot. When the team was cleaning out their lockers last week he spoke out about it. A connection between a star player and head coach is always something you want to see, just something that could be an incentive to bring JT back. Cal Clutterbuck also said that he knows JT wants to win, and that he wants to win in New York. But I suppose time will tell, he can sign officially on the first day of free agency, July 1st. But I’d rather see him sign the extension sooner or later, for the good of my mental health.

Now I don’t want to talk about anything that has happened in the off-season so far, really just want to draw back on something. The Isles are a team with an uncertain future at the moment. They don’t even know where they are going to play in the 2018/19 season. The future is almost so uncertain that the team, I believe, is almost to a point lacking identity. But if you genuinely think about it, what is the Islander’s identity? All of these issues involving where they are going to call home in the future is definitely clouding it. There is not clear one for this team, are they fast? Are they strong? Are they skilled? Of course they have a little bit of all of those things, but it is too hard to say. I’m tired of hearing the old “wait for the prospects” or “our prospects are so good, just wait till they get up to the league”. That isn’t an identity, it is a cop out to justify mediocre or sub-par performance for the past decade, and let me tell you first hand, it SUCKS. Alright that is my rant, just a few thoughts to ponder upon.



For those of you who don’t know, Ken Hitchcock is my favorite coach in the NHL by a long shot. I was heartbroken when St. Louis fired him but that doesn’t matter anymore, because he is BACK.


God Bless Ken.


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