The State of the Islanders: I Don’t Know

So apparently the Islanders kept their playoff hopes alive with their win over the Sabres. I am going to be honest, I’m not sure how valid that statement actually is. My friends who aren’t Islander fans are asking me, “Hey what do you think?”, and I genuinely don’t have a clue in the world what to tell them.

Like my brain isn’t quite in “better luck next year” mode, but it isn’t in hardo playoff push mode. I’m in some sort of limbo. Almost to the point where I don’t care what happens. Now of course I care, but like the past couple of games where they have been winning a couple and losing a couple, there is just no emotion. I think the issue is that there have been so many feelings of “wow this team is DONEZO” and “hey, there is a chance”. I don’t know what side I’m on.

So they beat the Devils and the Sabres on Friday and yesterday, and everyone is getting excited. The only thing is that I think they are forgetting that there are other teams that the Islanders have to worry about, not to forget that both teams are ahead of them in the standings. I really don’t want to be a Debbie Downer here but like it’s the truth. Yes, it would be fantastic if the Islanders won out the season, at least go out trying, but they also need the Lightning and the Senators to have a rough next couple of games.

But with this feeling of uncertainty, there are definitely a few things from the Isles that I have liked, the first of those being Josh Ho-Sang. Just him in general, I love it. In 17 games played he has 10 points. He is just as electric as I and I’m sure many others thought he was going to be. He just has impeccable vision when bringing the puck into the zone and is a chance creating machine. Oh and don’t forget, he likes breakaways:

That was literally what he said “I like breakaways”. Never change Josh, never change. Also I’m so happy everyone has shut up about the jersey number situation with Mario Lemieux. I guarantee MARIO LEMIEUX could not have cared less about it. Everyone who was making a big deal about it should’ve kept their mouths shut in the first place, just unwanted and irrelevant drama.

The second thing is Anders Lee, also just love everything he is doing. The other night he broke the 30-goal milestone for the first time in his career, and it was very well deserved. I think Anders Lee is a great long term guy for the team (obviously) and is slowly cementing himself as one of the leagues great power forwards.

But the Islanders play Nashville tonight, a game that could really go either way. Next the Hurricanes, for whatever reason it feels like they never beat the Hurricanes and they give up like 6000 goals every time they play them. Then the Devils, should win against the most boring team in hockey. Then finally the Senators one of the very teams standing in their way to get to the post-season. Then thats all she wrote, that’s it.

The Islanders, on paper and mathematically can still clinch a playoff spot, but with their questionable performance the past couple of weeks, they no longer control their own destiny. So they have now put themselves in a position to where they need to win out and need a lot more to happen. That gives them a 2.4% chance to make the playoffs, thanks nerds. Not only do they need to do all of that, but they need to do it without JT and I don’t think that is actually possible. That injury was truly the final nail in the coffin.

It’s honestly amazing how a team can go from where the Islanders were in January and February, and then go back to the abysmal dumpster fire that they were in November and early December. So I suppose retract what I said earlier in this blog, they are done. I have shot down any optimistic fans hope…sorry. As a human being with a brain, I can’t think any differently about the situation. It pains me to say it but the Islanders have done it again, and by that I mean they haven’t done anything.



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