The Islanders Stink So Let’s Look At The Odds To Win The Stanley Cup

…the Islanders stink. Let’s look at the odds shall we:

Stanley Cup Odds

Now I’m only going to talk about the odds of every team on the list because I don’t have enough time. Only going to talk about the ones I want to…sorry. The main reason for that is because one entire section of the playoff bracket is going to be dominated (IMO) by 1 of 3 teams, the Caps, Pens, or Blue Jackets. Blame Gary Bettman, not me.

So to be expected , the Caps are favored to win. I don’t think they will, but at the same time I don’t think we are going to see that usual swift 2nd round exit. They will definitely make it to the Eastern Conference Finals, but hey you never know with them. Especially when they probably have the hardest road to the Cup out of any team in the league. If they beat the Bruins, they have to play either the Blue Jackets or the Penguins, a product of the NHL’s god awful playoff system.

Then we have the Blackhawks, my pick to win the Cup (I know I’m a genius). Yeah it may not take a lot to say that they will win but the Blackhawks are the definition of a team that is HOT. They have cooled down a bit recently but other than 1 or 2 overtime losses and a 7-0 beatdown from Florida that I still cannot process, they look prettay prettay prettay good. Not to mention they went 12-1 in February which is bananas. As of now, they would play Nashville in the first round, who is currently in the 2nd Wild Card spot. But we saw what happened last year when Nashville was in the same position.

Next Minnesota, I’m a bit worried about their chances. They have had a very rough month posting a record of 4-2-9. Yes they are still a very good team, but this recent bad stretch of games has got to make people think. Especially how Devin Dubnyk has been way way less than spectacular lately. As of now the Wild would be playing the Blues, a series I think they can win regardless, let’s hope for their sake that they heat up in the last few games heading into it. I can see them making it to the 2nd round, but no further than the Western Conference Finals.

How about the Rangers…NOPE. No analysis of their chances, just nope.

The Ducks, a team I have picked to win the Stanley Cup for the past three years, no joke. There just has always been something about them. Just always feel as though they have the necessary grit and skill to get the job done. Well they got beat in seven by Nashville, who were the wildcard while the Ducks were the 1-seed in the Pacific. They just clinched the spot this year, the question is will I continue to be a moron and pick them to win again? But seriously they are definitely a team to watch out for, they are on a 5-game winning streak and are 8-1-1 in the last 10. If all goes as planned they are supposed to face Calgary in the first round, that series goes to seven games. I don’t care what anyone says, that is a GREAT matchup, definitely one I would love to watch. Anaheim is another team I can see slipping into the Western Conference Finals but not winning because of how tough the series prior to it are going to be, going to take a definite toll on them.

Calgary is a scary team coming into it. They are 9-4 in March and were red hot at one point. I don’t think they are a team to take very lightly. When you have Johnny Gudreau, who is as big as me, just racking up points like there is no tomorrow, that’s something else. He has 16 points in 13 games, unreal. Like I said if they play Anaheim that is a sneaky really good series. Unfortunately I don’t think Calgary has what it takes to make it past the 2nd round based on the fact that they would have to play either Edmonton or San Jose, don’t count them out though.

But there is one more team I would like to look at here. Take a look at the picture of the odds, then look all the way at the bottom. Hmmm +6600…


Let’s see if those odds get bumped up a bit if they get a win tonight. But seriously, it’s do or die for them. If they don’t win its DONEZO, break out your irons and your best driver and start heading to Bethpage Black.


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