Tom Brady Says He Can Play For Six Or Seven More Years, And Quite Frankly I Don’t Think I Can Handle It

So we all heard the news. Tom Brady, the GOAT, says he can play for six or seven more years. That is news that I would rather not hear. Now unlike my colleague, I am not a “Big Blue Hardo”. I am a Black and Yellow Hardo, I am a Steeler fan. In my mind the Steelers can do no wrong, they are the pinnacle of my sports life, and approximately 1/3 of my life through out the entire year. They are what gets me past the Islanders being a dumpster fire.

But let’s get to the subject of this…Tom Brady. The Steelers are obviously in the same conference as the Evil Empire. Because of this I don’t think I can physically or mentally take that many more years of Tom Brady. He will not be like other quarterbacks that will hit that cliff after 39, he will continue to rise to further glory and continue to smack my beloved team and the rest of the conference. It seems as though the Steelers have not been able to win an important game against the Pats for the past decade, and based on this recent development that is going to continue.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do not hate Tom Brady. I probably have the most respect for him out of every player in the league. But when it comes to the times when the Steelers need to thrive in the post-season, Tom Brady ruins me. He drags me into the deepest and darkest abyss. This year especially killed me. I actually was dumb enough to believe the Steelers had a chance, what was I thinking? Tom Brady was a man on a mission, with a vengeance to burn the NFL to the ground in Roger Goodell’s face. The Steelers were a mere stepping stone in his path to achieve his goal, and I was too naive to realize.

Six or seven more years of Bill Belichick. The mastermind, the other GOAT. He is the real reason for my emotional pain. He is Emperor Palpatine and Tom Brady is Darth Vader.


“What is thy bidding, my Master?

We will be seeing that for the next SIX OR SEVEN YEARS. Enjoy everyone. Tom Brady is going to continue on his quest to put quarterback records in bodybags and enforce his will upon the National Football League.

Also let’s say a prayer for my friend, he tore his ACL. Bloggers need knees too. #PrayForKaline


P.S.- This is still the only guy to ever beat Tom Brady in a Super Bowl, just remember that:



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