Sidney Crosby Needs To Relax

Sid, Sid, Sid. We get it. You are the best in the world and there is zero argument about that, but you gotta relax dude. You may just need to take a couple of games off, I think the pressure of playoffs coming up or your ability (or lack there of) to grow facial hair is starting to get to your head. Sid has recently had a couple of interesting episodes.

First he felt like giving Ryan O’Reilly a good ole cup check a couple of nights ago, you know just guys being dudes:

I’m not sure whether this is a cowardly move, or just a straight up weird move. There was literally zero reason to do that. O’Reilly was out of the play when he had 3 guys in front of him and Eichel had already taken the shot, and even if he were still in the play it would’ve made no sense. I’m going to side with weird move. Sid must have still been offended that Ryan crashed into that Tim Horton’s, even though he didn’t actually do that, it was just two drunk Canadian fellas enjoying a couple of road sodas. Soorey!

Then last night Sid forgot he was playing hockey and went into full slasher mode:

This really crossed the line. Look at how obliterated his finger is. Then in a post game interview he goes “I was just trying to get his stick, think I caught his finger judging by his reaction. I’ve gotten those before, they don’t feel good”. Judging by his reaction? Apparently Marc Methot’s finger is shattered and he is out for weeks. The end of his finger isn’t there anymore! Another completely uncalled for move.

So let’s review, he hit a guy right in the wiener from behind and then he just laid down the lumber on someones finger. I don’t like it one bit. I think he may be a sadist, no joke. Now he plays my precious Islanders tonight. What’s next? Tavares has the puck and Sid roundhouses him in the neck and slices his jugular. What’s his excuse this time “Yeah I was going for the stick lift but caught him in the neck, I’ve gotten those before, they don’t feel good”.


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