Russell Wilson Loves the Paparazzi Despite Hating them

TMZ-Welcome to the Hollywood game … where stars go out to be seen … and then act like they can’t be bothered.
Today’s episode stars Russell Wilson and Ciara who hit one of the top 3 most paparazzi-packed places in town Wednesday night, Mr Chow … and it wasn’t for the food.

There is two distinct approaches for celebrities when they go out in public,  Some go full incognito and try just to enjoy whatever venue they’re at or activity they’re doing.  Others go for the front-door, grand entrance with the luxury vehicle pulled up in front, probably revving it’s engine for the beacon effect.  Of course, there are the stars that can’t help but be seen and recognized a la’ Leonardo Di Caprio, Kanye West etc.

But just stay true to your game.  If you are going to dress to the tens–WITH YOUR PREGNANT FUCKING WIFE–and go out on the town, pose for pictures when the people who help sturdy your platform come to do so.  Any minuscule light shone on that silver cross of Wilson’s would turn into a flood light that you see at a movie premiere anyway.

The apparent false narrative behind his dismissal from the North Carolina State football team still trumps this as far as narrative bending goes.  I think Wilson lives in a false-duality mindset where he wants to be a star, but must remind people of his humility, his endurance of tough times and his chip.   Don’t bother me with your press while I’m out with my music star wife and he watermelon sized stomach.  I gotta go home and take this tailored suit off before filming my Bose commercial before working out on camera for a new Showtime Special about how I am going to rebound from the Super Bowl interception three years ago, you know its not my first time rebounding from an interception, life made plenty of interceptions against me but i keep on passing. God bless, go Hawks- Russell Wilson, a good part of his life.

*vomits and kills*

Everyone can see the concierge open the door for him, checks to see the paparazzi and then put his head down and acts disinterested.  It takes a full-moron to miss that, and luckily I am only half-one.  God bless, Go Kaline.


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