What is With Jerry Reese Acting Like Stephen Glansberg?


Seated upper right corner of the bleachers–alone–is the real reason we are examining this vividly descriptive picture.  Jerry Reese showed up to the UNC scouting party apparently alone and didn’t try to make friends.  There are a million social dynamics happening in this photo.  A “you can’t sit with us”, Mean Girls reference comes to mind.

Immediately, this reminded me of the scene from Hitch where a bar full of men simultaneously hit on a hard movie 9 while Will Smith plots his cuck from across the bar.  Little different here, as this is a seemingly anonymous and undesirable prospect, not a wet-dream sorceress.  Still, like most post-bar activities between the genders, shirts are off and interested parties are hyper aware of how fast you finish.

I have been about as harsh a critic of Jerry Reese over the past few years, so if this were last season I undoubtedly would have lit his Stephen Glansberg performance on fire and walked away while it burned, spouting statistics about his draft busts from 2008 to 2012.  The man has been cooking though–2013 to present day have produced some quality prospects to make up for that wasteland in the back half of the previous decade.  Odell Beckham and Landon Collins have inspired mercy.  So today, I’m inclined to believe Jerry is the savant in the library who won’t let anyone copy off his work so he sits alone.  A little anti-social and unfriendly (check out his press conferences or lack thereof) but that brain is jotting down some next level notes that no one can catch wind of.

As it pertains to the actual draft plans of the Giants, I am curious what might of attracted Jerry Reese to UNC’s pro day.  Reese has a knack for traveling to the pro day’s of players they are seriously considering in the early portions of the draft. Reese attended Beckham, Collins, Flowers and Leonard Floyd’s pro day (who they certainly would have taken had it not been for the combined efforts of Laremy Tunsil and the Chicago Bears).

Jerry cannot possibly be there for Trubisky.  He is certainly a 1st round pick, and a consequence of the Giants using their first round pick on a QB who started for one season would my suicide off the George Washington Bridge.  There is a steely focus about him that concerns me.  I don’t sense he really cares to yuck it up with the other representatives there, only to scout players that I do not want on my football team.

Networking is important in any field, so it is still a bit curious why Jerry has decided he will build his fortress of scouting solitude in the corner of bleachers occupied by 30 other football guys.  Most likely because the Giants have had 3 general managers in 40 years and there isn’t a need to kiss ass and make connections.  The man knows his job security is at Fort Knox levels.  His resume is collecting dust and he knows there is no need to join LinkedIn.

P.S.–Guy in the white collared shirt that is front and center at the finish line probably showed up an hour early to claim that spot.  That’s definitely the next great general manager in this league.  More than likely slept on the turf to claim that prime scouting real estate.  I can imagine he hasn’t seen or spoken to his family since Mel Kiper started getting cited more in every blog, television and radio program.























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