Marshawn Lynch Rumors Call For a Trip Down Super Bowl Media Day Memory Lane

Marshawn Lynch has been gone for far too long.  The NFL needs him–no wait–I need him.  The man is truly an American treasure, creating days of readable content whenever he opens his mouth, despite being truly reluctant to ever speak.  He left the game far too soon, which is naturally in line with his usual disposition.  Marshawn Lynch has always and will always do whatever the fuck he wants.  His inclination may change with the seasons, he may turn out to be Farving us (and thankfully not the version of that verb that describes sending picture messages) but I don’t care.  Marshawn Lynch is back in the news, and if that doesn’t make you happy you are incapable of feeling joy.  A potential return to the league with the Mark Davis owned Raiders is a dream scenario.  P.F. Changs, a potential relocation to Las Vegas and you throw Marshawn Lynch into the mix, you could charge a Tesla with all that electricity.

PS–I’m hyperlinking his all-time soundbite into this passage because of how visible I want this tangent to be.  The only thing I hate about this quote is that it did not exist when I was putting together my high school yearbook quote.  It’s rare that a modern day Socrates or Volatire with a dash of Bay Area bad ass comes into your life with spoken gold.  “I know I’m goin’ get got…but Imma get mine more than I get got, doe”  Every human should abide by that sentiment and apply it to everyday life.




















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