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Although we are quickly approaching the 2017 NFL Draft, I am no closer to truly identifying a player the Giants are certain to draft if he is available.  Even after the shuffling and leapfrogging done around the Giants during last year’s draft, I was confident in Leonard Floyd or Jack Conklin being the selections if they were available.  That obviously changed when Tennessee and Chicago both jettisoned some picks to move ahead of New York for each of those players.  Eli Apple is not a terrible consolation prize, but I failed to see the logic in drafting a corners on a team that already had two high-end corners.  Looking back on it now, I realized that the potential for parting ways with an aging DRC made Apple the smart selection: a younger, cheaper high-end corner to pair opposite of Janoris Jenkins. With that being said, I am taking a more in depth look at the Giants roster both today and a year from now to try and identify which players are likely to be selected.

As of this keystroke, the Giants have three major areas of need for the 2017 season that need to be addressed through the draft:  Tight End, Pass Rusher and Right Tackle.  All things being equal, I would rank their importance as follow:

  1. Right Tackle
  2. Pass Rusher
  3. Tight End

They have no clear cut right tackle on their roster right now–you’re actually insane if you feel comfortable moving forward with Bobby Hart.  That presents an issue for both their current franchise quarterback, Eli Manning, and the future quarterback to be selected soon, possibly in this draft.  A premium right tackle like Utah’s Garett Bolles or even Wisconsin’s Ryan Ramczyk would provide both an immediate solution for the aging Super Bowl MVP and an anchor to protect the TBD future Super Bowl MVP.  Additionally, it could provide a safety valve should Ereck Flower’s developmental progress be stunted so much he needs to move positions all together.  Should neither of those players be a viable options at 23, they might be inclined to add Forrest Lamp.  While Lamp is listed as a guard, he has popped out to the end to protect at right tackle.  There is a school of thought against drafting guards early, but Zack Martin seemed to workout well for Dallas.

The second and third ranked needs are disparate in necessity–there is a temporary solution to their defensive end problem in the 28-year old, recently franchised Jason Pierre-Paul but I’m not sold on his staying power.  Pierre-Paul landed on IR week 13 last season and has shown inconsistencies in his play over the past few years.  When it comes to arguing over his yearly rate, there is no sense in beating a dead horse because it appears he is going to get Olivier Vernon dollars.  Knowing the Giants and their recent history of structuring big free agent deals, they will front-load the contract to allow for back-end wiggle room should Pierre-Paul not uphold his value as a pass rusher.  As such, I think it may behoove them to draft a true pass rusher to add to the stable and, if need be, replace Pierre-Paul.  They don’t exactly have 2015 Denver Bronco’s depth of pass rushers and should JPP not pan out, they can control a (hopefully) premiere pass rusher at a mere fraction of what their two top edge defenders are getting right now.

As for Tight End, the Giants re-signed Will Tye after a decent 2016 showing, a returned 2016 IR victim Matt Lacosse for the upcoming season.  Additionally, they guaranteed niche skilled TE Rhett Ellison a handsome sum of cash over the next four seasons for a player with his skillset.  Ellison caught 9 balls last season, not exactly the Martellus Bennett-type we were all hoping for in free agency.  His value lies within his versatility as a FB/TE, meaning hes apt to block whether it be out of the backfield or while lined up at the end of the line.  While he may be a nuanced free agency acquisition that mends the inline blocking, in lieu of what the market dictated for a OT, he isn’t an established passing threat.  And I’m sure you know the Giants pass the ball a lot.  Thus, getting a talented receiving threat at tight end who can also block while in-line is a priority.  Someone who has that seam threat, but doesn’t have this happen to them on blocks:


I will not miss Larry Donnell.  An opportunity to draft OJ Howard or David Njoku would change the Giants offense in a way I have only imagined about.  Their 11 personnel (3 receivers, 1 back and 1 tight end) package–which is basically their base offense– would have a dual-disposition and dominant speed and size aspect to it that would make it lethal from the 1 yard line to the opposing 1 yard line.

Mock drafts being what they are (all over the place), there is no way of having any insight to who will be available at the 23rd pick.  Factor in this little nugget of information and forget I even wrote anything, right?



Whatever man.  This could be a red herring or this could be a sign I’m choosing to ignore because my ego pushes it into the peripherals.



Tweets of the Week:


  1. JPPtweetgrammar.PNG

Late, breaking news about JPP return to the Giants for 4-years.  The rumored figures are astronomically high for guaranteed money–wait until the team itself announces the contract before you jump to any conclusions.

As for JPP’s display of grammar, this is also a man who in the mathematics department struggles as well–we all remember “The Eagles are 4-1 but they could easily be 0-4”



“Yu guys sillay?  Um goinuh send it”

This guy is human electricity and I need to breath his every move on every medium.  The slang expressions, the annunciation, the denim.  This man was born and bred to make me laugh while enticing every woman on earth.  My girlfriend is too close to the Canadian border for me to feel comfortable not having an ankle collar on her.











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