JPP Back For Four Years–Pencil Us in for the Super Bowl

Jason Pierre-Paul has now officially re-signed with the New York Giants.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Pierre-Paul’s new four-year contract is worth a base salary of $62 million and he could make up to $66 million. Pierre-Paul also receives a whopping $40 million in guaranteed money. This is a massive deal.

The deal averages $15.5 million in base salary and that number can rise up to $16.5 million. As Giants CEO John Mara promised, his deal will count for less than the franchise tag would have. The Giants can structure Pierre-Paul’s deal in a number of ways that lowers his 2017 salary cap hit and allows them to sign more players in free agency and fill various holes that remain on both sides of the ball.

Boom.  Look, I wasn’t hot to trot for what I perceived to be JPP’s initial contract demands.  There seemed to be a gap between team concessions and player demands, and that made me believe the Giants non-exclusive franchise tag was a leverage move to either bait JPP into another year with the Giants where he possibly plays down his value or a team foolishly decides to ship two 1s for him.  I was keen for a four year deal given his age, and the Giants and JPP came through.  The Seven-Finger Run Stuffing Sack Artist is back and now excuse me when I’ll switch on my ego to preordain 2017 greatness.

With JPP back, the only quasi-major loss they could possibly suffer is Jonathan Hankins.  If the Giants personnel history has taught us anything, it’s that they believe in their ability to draft and develop two-down run stuffing defensive tackles.  They have also proven they can do so.  Linval Joseph was allowed to walk and they quickly replaced him with Hankins.  At $10M per year too, I will be happy to let Hankins walk, even if the intangible quality of continuity suffers.

Thus, pencil us in for the Super Bowl this year.  Good luck passing and running on this defense now.  It’s insane to think they will not fix the offensive line, whether it be through the draft or more free agency. On paper, this is the most talented Giants’ in years.  JPP has three-fingers on that hand, which means their is still room for two more Super Bowl rings.  Let’s make it happen.




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