Nothing Like a March NFL Power Ranking to Keep You Warm

NYG preseason rankings


Elliot Harrison of NFL coming in hot with the pre-minicamp/NFL Draft/post day 1 of Free Agency power rankings.  Not that this Giants fan is complaining about a nice little ego stroke to keep the blood flowing and the body warm during these cold winter months.  I shan’t argue this overly generous ranking, though I must pose a few questions to the logic as examples of what and what not to cite in any argument in favor of these 2017 Giants:

  1. Do not immediately cite the DJ Fluker signing as what will be a corner-turning move.  “If DJ Fluker pans out…” is not a roll of the dice you want to bank your prediction on.  I’m hopeful he provides a boost at right guard, but there is a reason one of the league’s worst offensive line units moved on from him.
  2. Maybe mention Odell Beckham/Sterling Shepherd once?  That young receiving duo that posted a combined 164/2050/18 line?  Shepherd is only going to ascend in year two, and converting that duo into a trio with Brandon Marshall makes this hydra a triumvirate of catching the football.
  3. Absolutely mention how at worst this team is going to lose its 4th best defensive lineman and its nickel linebacker, while keeping all of its talented defensive playmakers.  Oh, and there is also that thing called the draft coming up.  I’m not absolving Jerry Reese of 2008-2012 yet, but since 2013 he has given us Justin Pugh, Johnathan Hankins, Odell Beckham, Weston Richburg, Nat Berhe, Devon Kennard, Landon Collins, Eli Apple, Sterling Shepard, Darian Thompson, Paul Perkins and Jerrell Adams.  The drafts have been trending upwards and I can’t imagine the Giants don’t continue ascending with how deep this years class is at virtually every position of need.
  4. Dallas and Washington got significantly worse from last season.  Washington is back to maintaining its disaster level environment.  Also, Washington has not won at least 11 games since winning 14 in 1994. No one can tell me that a team is winning this division with anything less than 11 wins.  Barring a cataclysmic event in the NFC, you teeter on early golf when you can only reach 10 wins.  As far as Dallas goes, they have suffered significant losses on defense and at offensive line. Pour me a some Jack on the rocks with a dash of rival tears and let me enjoy myself.

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