I Want Stream the Brandon Marshall Takes Into My Body Intravenously



I’m not here today to declare the Giants the Super Bowl champions for 2018.  My want/need list has a few more items to check off before I book my ticket to Minnesota.  Nonetheless, this is a SUPERB deal.  Pierre Garcon fetched $16M for his first year of his multi-year deal with the 49ers; Brandon Marshall is getting 2 years/$12M.  Did Pierre Garcon make the All-Pro team with Ryan Fitzpatrick as his quarterback two years ago? I did not think so.

There is not any debate about the type of player Marshall is when he’s healthy and playing.  This will be his fifth teams in 12 seasons, a concerning fact for a guy who has been so dominating at times.  The “black-cloud” floated it’s way over from Chicago and eroded the Jets locker room.  Funny because I never remember the Jets locker room being anything other than a circus.  So forgive me if I don’t give credence to the notion that Marshall was THE cancer for the Jets.  Let’s not forget they were a team whose star defensive lineman proclaimed “fuck this game, where da hoes at?” on Snapchat.  Also, their $17M franchise cornerback spoiled them with the least inspired on-field effort.  But nope, Marshall going over the middle on wobbly duck-farts to try and make plays for whichever warm body was starting at quarterback that week was the SOLE distraction and should squarely shoulder 4-12.

Continue to cite Denver, Miami and Chicago as locker rooms that were left in ruin because of him.  Anxiously waiting for the lost record of Marshall’s career that contains the name of a halfway decent quarterback and stable coaching situation he played for one year.  Denver was decimated by the Jay Cutler-Josh McDaniels situation, and in between that and his Bears stink was a bout with the Dolphins and mental illness.  And if I know the Jets aptitude for fiasco’s like I think I do, I’m going to air on the side of Jets inherent culture being the problem over Marshall.

I understand the notion of having two volatile personalities in the locker room potentially being problematic, but where is the noise about Odell coming from?  Oh yeah, OUTSIDE THE FUCKING LOCKER ROOM!  Teammates line up to applaud his work ethic and character.  He is beloved in that locker room.  Put that shit to rest already.


I love snagging all-pro wide receivers for millions less than the going market rate.



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