Tom Sestito Is The Worst

Enforcers–an aspect of hockey whose necessity is often debated. I mean there is even a movie about the concept of the enforcer, and a sequel coming soon. But Tom Sestito took everything that was likable about an enforcer, and just shoved it in a locker.

The Penguins called him up for their game against Winnipeg. It was clear why the Pens called him up. A couple of numbers here for you, in 33 games in the AHL he has 16 points and 121 penalty minutes. I’m no transaction analyst, but I don’t think he was called up to score goals. He was called up to provide a physical edge because of how their last game went against the Jets. I get that part, I do. I’m not going to continue to explain, going to let the hit explain for itself:

Now I have been hearing arguments like “Enstrom knew the hit was coming so he let it happen”. Yes, Enstrom turned his back on the play, but that was completely in effort to play the puck against the boards. Sestito saw this as an opportunity to I don’t know, change the momentum of the game? No way. If you see a guys numbers and he is that close to the boards, you do not clobber him from behind. Sestito is 6’5″, 230. Enstrom is 5’10”, 180. Do you see the difference there? He didn’t lay the hit on anyone even close to his size.

So Sestito got a 5 minute major and a game misconduct, and Enstrom got sent to the hospital immediately because of potential facial fractures. Now the question is how much time is Sestito going to get? This is the perfect opportunity for the NHL to stop it’s inconsistency with punishments on dangerous, careless hits like this one. Sestito has a hearing with the Department of Player Safety today and I for one am rooting for him receiving the worst possible punishment. I literally don’t care about the arguments against this (if there are any), the NHL has got to step up.

So in Sestito’s illustrious performance he recorded a whopping 62 seconds of time on ice, a fight right off the draw with Chris Thorburn, and an act of stupidity. He is the luckiest man in earth that Dustin Byfuglien didn’t literally break his face into 1,000 pieces, because he absolutely did and still has it coming.

P.S.- Hey Kaline, do me a favor and put this under both the Puck and Human Stupidity category, thanks.



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