Adam McQuaid Get’s Neck Sliced Open Saturday Night, Promptly Cleared to Play Tonight

Boston Bruins defenseman Adam McQuaid needed 25 stitches after teammate David Backes’ skate lacerated his neck in Saturday’s game against the New Jersey Devils.

The Bruins said McQuad is expected to play Monday night against the Ottawa Senators. The play happened late in the third period of Saturday’s 3-2 win when Backes accidentally sent his skate backward into McQuaid’s neck while trying to regain his balance in a puck scrum.

“Initially, when I didn’t see any blood, I figured that I was OK,” McQuaid said, per “They didn’t blow the whistle, and [the play] was still going on in an obviously important part of the game. I was pretty helpless without my stick, but I was just trying to be a body getting in the way.”- Tyler Conway, Bleacher Report 

Stuff like this is why I love hockey. Name another sport in the world where a grown man gets his neck sliced by a 3 mm steel blade, and still tries to play the game. You got LeBron virtually getting carried off the court when he gets a cramp, and just because Adam McQuaid doesn’t immediately see blood he keeps going.

On the other hand, watching it happen was scary yet inspiring:

Cue the Dick Vitale “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”. That is straight up NUTS.”I was just trying to be a body getting in the way”. Takes skate to the neck and the next thought in his brain is alright now time to slide and potentially stop the puck from getting through to the slot, then gets up and sits in the slot until the puck gets pushed out of the zone. Now if that isn’t a hockey guy, then I don’t know what is. If that were me, not even a second after getting cut I would’ve been squirming around on the ground like a pansy.

Guess what…he is cleared to play tonight. 25 stitches and bing-bang-boom, let’s get back out there bud.

Now let’s enjoy a fight between Adam McQuaid and Matt Martin, a Battle of Titans if you will. And to be expected they just EAT PUNCHES:

God Bless Hawkey and God Bless Adam McQuaid Eh.


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