The NHL Trade Deadline Could Not Have Been More Uneventful

This is not just coming from an Islanders homer (yes it is) but from just a fan of hockey. The trade deadline had a shock value comparable to that of a wet mop. The GMs really screwed us over–the biggest deals were made days before the deadline and kind of totally took all of the fun out of it. While the trade deadline isn’t exactly for the entertainment of the fans, come on, give us a break. So now I guess we can look at some of the big trades that happened within the past couple of days, and then go on an Islanders rant. Only going to focus on the trades that I care about because I don’t know, I feel like it.

On Sunday two relatively big trades went down, the first of those being Ben Bishop’s move to the Kings. The Kings received Bishop and the Lightnings 5th round pick, while the Lightning received Peter Budaj, Erik Cernak (prospect), a 7th round pick, and a conditional pick that could become a 2nd rounder. 100% understandable move for the Kings here. They didn’t even do it for insurance behind Quick, despite his recent injury trouble. They seemingly want to have two #1 goalies to start on any given night. That was literally from the mouth of LA’s GM. Every game for LA now matters, while they are just 1 point out of a wild card spot. On the Lightnings side of things, Budaj is probably just going to be a back up for Vasilevskiy, and a good one at that.

The other trade was Martin Hanzal and Ryan White to the Wild, with the Wild sending a 2017 first, 2017 second, 2019 conditional 4th round pick, and AHL’er Grayson Downing. Just when you thought a team couldn’t become more complete, the Wild became more complete. They copped themselves a second line center and a third line winger, probably going to change because Minnesota has a case of the Mumps on their hands. Hanzal will probably be more like the 3rd line center. But that doesn’t matter, what matters is the Wild just got that much deeper on an already pretty deep roster. Even though it was such a ROUGH day for them because they were unable to get rid of Shane Doan and Radim Vrbata, two guys they definitely should have shipped off, the Coyotes won in the sense that they got some good draft picks out of it.  More stepping stones on their road to rebuilding.

Now we move to Monday where there is one trade I want to focus on– the Kevin Shattenkirk move. This was probably the biggest trade of the deadline (biggest never being an utterly relative term). Shattenkirk was the biggest name and the most talented player, destined to be traded. Downside:  he went to the Capitals. This was another case of How Can a Team Get Any More Complete Than They Already Are?  Added to the skill and depth of their defensemen. We all know Shattenkirk, guy can play some real good defense and he knows how to move the puck in the offensive zone. Upside to him going to the Caps is that they already pretty much have the Metro in the bag  and he didn’t go to the Rangers, which I no joke had a nightmare about. The Blues got Zach Sanford, a 2017 first-round pick, and a conditional second-round pick…nice.

NOW THE BIG DAY. In my opinion there was no trade today that was even worth writing about or analyzing. So what that Tomas Vanek went to the Panthers, he will probably try for like 5 games, give up, and then pack his bags and go somewhere else. Really and truly an underwhelming day.

But we all know why I am really here, to rip on the Islanders of course. So much for my blog yesterday and the stress it put on my heart, right? Nothing today, nothing. It makes you think if they even tried at all. I get it Duchene didn’t work out, deep down I had a feeling that it wouldn’t, but there had to have been a Plan B, you don’t just give up after Joe Sakic was asking for a king’s ransom for both Duchene and Landeskog.

What about Vrbata? Arizona had to get rid of him, just had to. He has 47 points on the season, which would have made him the second highest in points on the Islanders behind JT. I woke up today bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, hoping for the best.  That didn’t happen, did not even come close to happening. I really should have seen this coming. Garth must have slept late today or something. On the bright side of things Josh Ho-Sang’s first game in the NHL tomorrow…electric factory.


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