Trade Rumors Picking Up and I Can’t Feel My Face

I need to start taking deep breaths. Things are all happening so fast I don’t know which way is up. Rumors flying around, guys getting brought up and down. I have not stopped refreshing my Twitter feed since I woke up this morning. Arthur Staple playing games with my heart BIG TIME.

It started with this:

Didn’t even really question it at first. Got really excited because I have been waiting for Ho-Sang to be able to show what he’s got. Dude is an electric factory. All I knew was that something is totally in the works. Islanders are traveling to Dallas today to continue their road trip so they had to call him up today.

And then this:

They are talking to a couple of teams currently. The Avalanche and the Oilers I’m sure being two of those teams. Things are genuinely moving so fast, I hope I get this blog up before anything ensues.

Now Arthur is truly toying with me:

WHAT. Garth Snow is throwing absolute curveballs at the world right now. I am reading thread after thread after thread on Twitter really trying to decipher the situation. Nugent- Hopkins for Halak,  Brock Nelson and Micheal Dal Colle for Matt Duchene. Jesus Christ I can’t breathe.



#TeamGarth I guess


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