I Think the Chicago Blackhawks Are Going to Win the Stanley Cup…again

So I have a little theory in my brain about the Blackhawks and their team that is nothing short of a dynasty. They are on an every-other-year plan. What they do is…well they win literally every other year. With the exception of the two years in between their 2010 win, they won in 2013, gave the Kings their 5 minutes of fame in 2014, then won it again in 2015, and then again gave Pittsburgh a little limelight last year. Do you guys see this sick and twisted pattern? The scary part is that I genuinely believe that this is what the Blackhawks are doing.

Now you may ask “Why are you just randomly blogging about this?”. Because they have been stuffing every team they play in lockers since the All-Star break. They are 9-1 in their last 10, that is the best in the entire league. Just to make matters even more bananas, 7 out of those 10 games were all on the road, and they won every single one of them.

So now after putting the entire month of February in a body bag, the Blackhawks are only 1 point behind the Wild in the Western Conference and Central Division standings. In December it looked as though Minnesota was going to run away with at least the Central, think again.

I really couldn’t tell you why they have been eviscerating the rest of the league lately in one sentence. They have just seen an absolute outburst of offensive production like I have never seen before. From the first line down to the fourth. Specifically someone like Richard Panik, being Jonathan Toews winger is no easy task and he has really done a hell of a job at it. Especially being a guy who really had a hard time finding a home for himself in the NHL, formerly being with the Lightning and the Maple Leafs, I believe he has found a home. 7th on the team in points (33), right behind the guys who should be leading the team. That first line specifically was having the most difficulty, the difficult coming from the person you would expect the least to see it from, Toews, who was dealing with a nasty injury for a decent part of December. But it seems as though he has returned to being Captain Clutch, recently adding a game onto a 6-game point streak.

If Chicago can beat Pittsburgh in their upcoming Wednesday Night Rivalry, that will say a whole lot. That game already has me salivating, as gross as that may sound. Chicago will beat the Pens if they play they way they have been, as simple as that. AND if they continue to play like they have been, they will without a doubt win the Stanley Cup. Their odds currently sit at 15/2, sounds about right to me. It may be too early to predict, but that’s what my brain thinks.

Last year after the Blackhawks got knocked out of the first round of the post-season by the Blues, Jonathan Toews said something along the lines of “We will be back, and we will be better”. I remember sitting watching his post game interview, I said to my buddies “You know what, he’s right, they will be better. They are probably going to win it all”. So if they do end up winning it all, you heard it here first. Just saying.

Now let’s admire how Patrick Kane dangled the balls off of Robin Lehner and then promptly put the biscuit in the basket:


Yeah he’s good at hockey.


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