As Water is Wet, Skip Bayless Remains a Useless Troll

Speaking on FS1’s “Undisputed” on Thursday, Bayless cited Belichick’s struggles as the Cleveland Browns head coach as a knock on his legacy, and that the Patriots head coach owes a lot of his success to Tom Brady.
 “I don’t think he’s a great coach,” Bayless said, as transcribed by WEEI. “I think he’s a very good one. All I know is that in his first six years of head coaching, he had five losing seasons before Tom Brady fell out of the sky and into his lap. And by the way, in that year of 2001, with Bill Belichick as the head coach, he had fallen to 0-2 and I know various assistants on his staff were ready to put their house on the market because they all thought they were going to get fired after they went 5-11 the previous year … if he’s an all-time great coach, he would have been better than he was in Cleveland. Tom Brady saved his job and turned around his career.”–Adam London, NESN


Look, those who consume sports media are well aware which corners of the media-sphere produce which opinions.  There’s the academic, sabremetric oriented crowd, there’s the inflammatory homer’s (emojii hand raised) and then there is the baseless, click-bait trolls who contradict themselves at every turn; the third domain housing FS1’s village idiot, Skip Bayless.

I’m not going to lay out the laundry list of Belichick’s accomplishments because it is just too easy to ether this buffoon.  Skip says X and you cite Y, where X is the constant blabbering and unfounded claims of Skip and Y is a logical and perforating rebuttal to Skip’s claims.  It’s simply the fact that he is given this ridiculous platform for no other reason than to be a wishy-washy jester.  To generalize is not to discuss, the former of the two Skip does at a mastery level.

I’m convinced ratings are so bad for Undisputed because its the only logical explanation as to why he’s throwing hot take Hail Marys. You have reached new levels of idiocy when you try and swim against the current of the strongest sports opinion out there right now.  There is a near unanimous consensus that Belichick has cemented himself as the greatest coach in NFL history.  While off the heels of the NBA All-Star game and pre-spring training is typically the professional sports slow season, you’ve got to come correct, Skip. 

But hey, no wonder this joke of a show got ANNIHILATED by The Barstool Rundown in the week leading up to the biggest sporting event of the year.  A “consummate” and “professional” journalist (who called a 22-year old an alcoholic and liar) got toasted by the new kid on the block. 

Wait, what is that? 

BREAKING NEWS:  Skip Bayless’ list of FS1 topics during the slow season revealed

  • Spring Training:  Mike Trout is not that good, Alex Rodriguez would win MVP if he returned
  • NBA:  arbitrary opinion on LeBron, as per usual
  • NFL Draft:  No issue with Joe Mixon
  • Tony Romo: Loves golf; would turn the Browns into a winner

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