Tom Brady Continues His Torrid Streak of Fantastic Instagram Posts

Usually savant-level performers have trouble translating success in one field to success in another.  Michael Jordan failed to make it to the big leagues, OJ Simpson’s best dramatic television moment came when another actor was cast as him and the only attention Lenny Dykstra’s investing career received was from the SEC.  Rule of thumb:  if you make zillions doing one thing, stick with that one thing and don’t try and be a comedian, musician, actor or investor.

How about Tom Brady from the damn clouds with his instagram game? The GOAT is so GOAT he has defied my rule of thumb that I made up on the spot that is tried and true.  Usually athlete’s lack self-awareness when it comes to social media posts, and the only entertaining social media moments are had through twitter beefing and comments on the posts of instagram models.  Brady comes in firing with candid family moments, funny pop culture references and creative captions.  Oh, he is 100% percent getting some kind of consultation on these posts; none the less its a metaphor for his career–investing his heart and soul into being the best at whatever he is doing.

You’ve heard the stories about him flipping over backgammon boards and breaking ping pong paddles, imagine him slamming his phone in disgust when his caption is textual fire?  When the filter game doesn’t have the zip of his 20-yard passes up the seam?  When his like-per-minute ratio isn’t in quadruple digits?  There is probably hell to pay, and Brady will come to collect.

For someone robotic in his routine and unflinching in his Belichickian press conference silence, the guy sure does hammer out elite-level instagrams.  What did you expect though?  When you’re that photogenic, how could you not dabble in the gram?  Some of my favorites include:

brady-ig4The OG of Brady instagrams.  Game of Thrones references, perfect jaw-line scruff as per usual and a witty instagram caption to boot.  Shades of the Raider’s playoff game where you realized TB12 might be something special.


His instagram also doubles as the standard for showing the family some love.  Also a subtle reminder they just won the Super Bowl.  Definitely more flattering photos of Gisele, even though that’s the most breathtaking side-profile I’ve ever seen.  Off the heels of the 5th Super Bowl trophy though, Valentines Day is a good time to remind everyone your wife is a super model, your offspring are super humans and you’re the GOAT.


I would be curious to see if Tom’s Pokémon reference produced a surge in Nintendo’s stock.  I’m not saying I played Pokémon until sunrise the night he posted this, but I was exhausted at work the next day.  Even the Tom hater’s in the comments section showed due respect for this masterpiece.


Take notes JJ Watt!  Being incredibly self-aware makes even the most polarizing figures in the NFL quite lovable.  This is the kind of link chart that Lester Freamon and Jimmy McNulty used to bring down the Barksdale crew so obviously Tom will find the thief who stole his jersey.  I respect Tom’s knowledge and use of pop culture, you win a lot of fans over by using puppies, Billy Madison, Michael Scott and Pokémon.



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