Redskins Drank Both Mine and Odell’s Tears

So which Giants team are we gonna get this season?

Is it going to be the explosive offensive team with weapons, creative play-calling and savvy QB play that’s complimented by a consistent defense and great special teams play?


The undisciplined, turnover prone team that commits penalties only when it is most crippling?

Basically has been a see-saw showing of sloppy football against explosive offense and big defense. Ten plus penalties for over 100 yards and yet they still had some chance to win this game. A trillion turnovers, injuries to key players and yet somehow they had the ball back with a chance to win under 2 minutes.

I could highlight dozens of instances where the Giants could have pulled away in this game, instead my brain was left oozing out of the side of my head. This game was a third degree burn to my soul. Shane Vereen put the ball on the ground again, and now is on IR with torn triceps. Vereen has had fumbling issues this season but the weapon he is out of the backfield makes him a key cog.

As far as turnovers go, this was BRUTAL. Two horrible interceptions by Eli, Vereen put a ball on the ground to kill momentum when the Giants were up 21-9. Eli threw a duck to a an unsuspecting target in the red zone that led to a one-handed interception. Then on the final drive of the game, Vereen was turned around by a linebacker before Eli threw it right into Cravens paws.

A truly atrocious game where the 1st to LITERALLY the 53rd man on the roster made bad mistakes. The guy signed off the practice squad less than 24 hours before kickoff commits a HORRIBLE personal foul penalty on what would have been a blocked punt that would have set the Giants up at the Washington 10.  Instead of having a GOLDEN opportunity to punch in a  touchdown, the Giants got backed up deep in their own territory and settled for a field goal.

I could talk forever about how bad the Giants played, and I really needed the 48 hours to space myself between the raw emotions of Sunday and an analysis that wasn’t total rant. The Giants were going to lose multiple football games this year, I’ve totally reconciled that. This game just painted a grim future.

A win would have set them up BEAUTIFULLY in the NFC East. Bury the Redskins, distance yourself from the Cowboys and keep pace with the Eagles. Considering you have two of the best teams in the NFC on the road in prime time the next two weeks, it would have been nice for some wiggle room.

I know I rashly predict Giants victories, but I just have a bad feeling were about to get our shit pushed in. Minnesota might be the best team in the NFC right now. They whooped Green Bay at home, they just dominated Carolina on the road. That Vikings show can travel, and appear to have the Giants kryptonite on their side AKA a home dome. Slice of humble pie for Benny Boy and company is being whipped up.

Any chance the Giants have of winning these next two games rests in the discipline of this football team. A game with half the amount of crippling penalties and turnovers as they had against Washington will get them murdered on the road by Minnesota and Green Bay. It seems like Minnesota has scored on defense or special teams this season basically once a quarter. Aaron Rodgers is pretty good too IMO.

P.S–Sterling Shepard is a future HOF.  The blood was flowing south watching him flex in Josh Norman’s face.  Him and Odell are thorough bred’s that need to be targeted on no less than 97% of Eli’s passes.


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