Week Won

Google searches like this are becoming a staple in post-game habit for Giants fan. Big Blues most recent habit is making things interesting. Last year, games like yesterday’s would have fallen under “was interesting; turned horrible” category. As all of you have become keenly aware of, the Giants STUNK at closing out games last season.
The Giants won their first week one game since 2009. TWO THOUSAND AND FUCKING NINE. Has it been that long since I last come out of the gate tasting sweet victory. I’ve been accustomed and numb to opening performances as flat as two year old R/C Cola.
You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, and the Giants went through a full carton last year. Could it be possible that the Giants forged a tougher mentality through lasts seasons agonizing fire? Maybe, because I’ll say this: if this were 2015, it would be 26-20 Cowboys final and Skip Bayless would not be shutting up about how Dak Prescott is the future. Instead, I’m drinking that senile slim balls’ tears:

You mean like how the Giants should have won last year? I guess brain fart losses aren’t a two-way street in your mind, you bafoon.

The Giants were not the dominant offensive force I presumed they would be against a totally anonymous Cowboys defense. I expected 60 minutes of high-flying circus acts from Big Blue.
While we didn’t get that uniform showing, they were not without their moments. If those little flashes of explosive plays don’t get the blood flowing to the right spot, I feel sorry. If seeing 13/80/87 on the field making plays to win games doesn’t make you want to put your whole body on stand-by in case one of those guys need a spare organ, you’re a loser. Sunday’s win totally changes this seasons expectations, no one thought they were gonna win this game and that they would finish 8-8.
$200M can’t buy you shit in this league.
Offensive line has a gaping whole you could drive a truck through through.
Playoffs baby. First round bye. Im aiming for the moon on this one.
I’m riding this wave of happiness straight into New Orleans for the MetLife opener week two. Let’s recap what was good and not so good in week one while it’s still fresh and stroking my ego.

Run defense was OUTSTANDING. Zeke Elliot’s debut was fluffed up by one touchdown off a Giants turnover. Aside from that, the Cowboys vaunted offensive line could not get a consistent push against the Giants newly minted defensive front. Holding the Cowboys to 3.4 YPC is phenomenal.
The tackling difference from last year was day and night. With that, let’s talk about the play of the game: TERRANCE WILLIAMS. Thank you so much for being a certifiable moron. Thank you for filling the “idiot” void left by Rueben Randle in the NFC East. Let’s talk though about the great job by DRC cutting off his route to the sideline on that play. Let’s talk about Darian Thompson, Eli Apple, Robert Casillas and Landon Collins flying around making tackles. Let’s talk about Nat Berhe trying to legitimately kill another man. Berhe was like Sonic the Hedgehog, this blue blur flying across the screen, slamming into everything.
How about three for three scoring in the red-zone? How about the corners holding Dez Bryant to one catch for eight yards???? And reducing him to a vegetable on the bench?
*insert Dez pic*
Shane Vereen was FUCKING huge, as was Rashad Jennings. There was a serious offensive push on inside run plays, so we know what may work. We also know that the “Oriole” run audible needs to never come out Eli’s mouth again.
There was a ton of good. So much to be excited about. There’s still some things to work on:
Pass rush was an area of concern. It started to come around in the second half a bit, but Prescott for the most part was untouched. I doubt that’s a theme for the duration of the season, because there’s not another team on this schedule that has an offensive line like the Cowboys. Even the Bengals couldn’t handle a Sheldon-less Jets front, giving up seven sacks. The Giants pass rush will be fine.
Offensive brain farts. A few dropped passes, some errant throws and weird illegal formation penalties. Nothing that Ben McAdoo can’t fix. When it’s a procedural problem as opposed to personnel, I’ll be confident it can get better.

Huge win in Dallas. Huge. No other way to put it, these wins forge championship football teams. Oh and if you didn’t notice, no one seemed to be able to close a football game out this week. New Orleans? Atlanta? Carolina? Arizona?  Jets?


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