Tony Romo Out Until Midseason; Weird Finding Out the Giants Won the East in August

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 4.48.02 PM.png

Goodnight Tony Romo.  There’s no exaggeration when saying that it is curtains for his NFL career.  Even the mildest of hits laid upon him seem to shatter bones and tear ligaments, especially in most crucial of places.  Just so curious how this constantly happens to him.  All anyone ever talks about is how great the Cowboys offensive line is, and I’m inclined to agree.  They’re laced with talent at the starting positions and deep as hell too.  Romo and his anatomy can’t seem to take advantage of that. Much like if I were illiterate, I would choose a profession that doesn’t involve reading/writing, If I had styrofoam for bones, I wouldn’t play football.

So that brings us to the Dak Prescott era in Dallas, and consequently, KalineSports crowning the Giants 2016 NFC East champs.  You can fall in love with Prescotts’ pre-season numbers if you want, you can hang your hat on a rookie running back and rookie quarterback.  Me?  I’ll start considering potential wild-card round opponents for the Giants.  Rookie QB + No Name Defense for the Cowboys = Me picking up Giants celebratory apparel in December.  Simple mathematics.


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