Anyone Who Sees the Cowboys or Redskins as Favorites is Insane

I don’t want to overreact to an early prediction, but these slightly early NFL predictions are borderline insane.  Everywhere I turn, mostly, pundits are coming out of the woodwork to dance on the Giants and crown either the Redskins or Cowboys as divisional champions, some saying both are locks for playoff spots.  Bullshit.

I’m not going to give credence to Washington as a legitimate playoff contender this season because that Kirk Cousins season felt too Nick Foles-esque.  Lots of people are saying the Josh Norman signing is going to tip the scale in favor of Washington, and while I may be many things, I am not one of those people.  Find me an over/under wager for Beckhams’ stat line against Norman this season, and I’ll take the over no matter what it is.  Odell Beckham is going to pick his teeth with Josh Norman this season, just like he has done to every other cornerback who has ever played against him.  Nobody repeats in this division, especially a team with a flash-in-the-pan quarterback.  Make this team play a legitimate first place schedule last season and see how it turns out.

That brings us to the Cowboys, who’s standing in NFL circles baffles me to no end.  The majority of writers picked him as the MVP of the NFC East–HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE.  I wouldn’t normally get worked up over an imaginary award that ESPN has to conjure up in order to fill column space, but it’s just an insane thing to publish  It’s insane to even think that for a second.  Insane in the sense that Romo has the durability of single-ply toilet paper, and when shit gets to him, he breakdowns.  His injury-bug reflects poorly on a stellar offensive line.  They spent 96 percent of two entire games not just blocking, but stuffing defensive hogs like a travel suitcase; however, Romo’s fragile collarbone can’t take the one actual NFL-caliber hit laid on him.

They want to talk about the return of a healthy Dez Bryant and Tony Romo.  I’m all for optimism when it comes to the return of injured players.  I need Victor Cruz back.  But just look at the facts: Tony Romo gets hurt–and this is by no means an exaggeration–every single season.  He is a patron of the weekly injury report.  I’m more convinced I’ll see apex Dez Bryant than Tony Romo at 75%.  Bryant could just now be entering the prime of his career, but it still won’t mean a thing unless Tony Romo is healthy.  And if I were to wager on it, you couldn’t stop me from throwing everything and the kitchen sink on him not making it the whole season.

Meanwhile in Giants land, here’s Eli Manning coming off his two best seasons to date, with a young core of offensive linemen, a superstar wide receiver, and budget that was expanded to sign some horses on defense.  Eli Manning just minding his own damn business, mastering Ben McAdoo’s system and leading the leagues sixth highest scoring offense.  But please, tell me how a team with the aforementioned frail quarterback and legitimate nameless defense is supposed to scare me. Gone are the days of DeMarcus Ware, even DeMarcus Lawrence.  You’ll understand if the pass rush duo of Benson Mayowa and David Irving doesn’t strike fear in me.  It’s like Cris Collinsworth is writing every NFC East prediction.  Fondling Sean Lee with two hands and a foot.  Absurd.



Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 8.27.26 AM.png

If he is even alive in ten years, I’ll die of shock.



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