RIP Yankees Blog

Tbt to the time I thought I could honestly maintain a consistent column, because a let’s be honest, consistency is not a theme in my life. It definitely should be, but I lack something I think that most successful people would list in the category of “Neccesary Attributes.”*

I can’t take all the credit here, because the Yankees do stink to high hell.  Do you really want a consistent column about a horrible baseball team comprised of old farts?  Not winning any baseball games when your three best players are all relief pitchers, and I’m not writing about your team when that’s the case either.  

Just figured I’d take the time out of your Thursday to inform all 14 readers that’s I’m putting the nail in this coffin.  Sad day for the loyal Kaline Sports viewership.  Once the Yankees become the first team to guarantee a $1B in a single off-season to free agents, I’ll climb back up on this horse.  Until that day, #LGM. 


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