Hooray for More Deflategate! 

I literally could not care about anything less in my life.  The first round of court appearances and hearings had its’ moments, and ultimately I cheered for the triumphant Brady.  Anyone with two eyes, a nose and 1/10 a clue could smell the shady sewer of sketchiness the NFL and Goodell let run amok during the “investigation.”  

My opinion of the allegations have always and will always been the same: Who honestly cares?  The game this tampering was alleged to have occured was not 17-16, it was a 41-7 rout.  As if that weren’t convincing enough, the Brady led offense lit the legendary Seattle defense on fire in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl with “legal” footballs. 

This new flurry of Deflategate-related tweets and expert opinions is exactly why I wished this thing would be over.  Someone just give Brady a Twitter handle so he can see how annoying this is for the average fan.  If not, than just watch Sportscenter and see how unwatchable it is.  More Stephen A?  Absolutely not. Someone find me Rosanne re-runs or something else, ANYTHING ELSE.

Also interesting is how pretentious the NFL can be.  The NFL draft–and every story remotely related to it–has dominated daily sports talk since the combine. Kobes monster mic drop of a game and the Warriors record breaking win both threatened to second fiddle by the Titans-Rams trade.  Now this garbage comes along, planning to thwart the news on Steph Currys’ knee, something one hundred billion times more important.  Just need football to go away for five minutes.  I’m sick of football news and the season is still five months away.

*Sees Deflategate on Sportscenter*

Bigger NFL news to me:  Mike Tirico leaving the MNF booth.  I’m itching to know who joins Gruden.  That’s  far more interesting to me than if marginally deflated footballs matter to America’s justice system one year later.  Forget this, forget who the Giants acquire at #10 overall; who does ESPN acquire for Monday’s at 830?  Lotta qualified candidates considering Gruden could carry a damn mute.  Don’t rule out the Dennis Miller comeback. 


Hilarious to me that the NFL is furiously pursuing this appeal, while it has a history letting player-favored verdicts of appeals in domestic violence cases slide. Greg Hardy went from a suspension of 10 games to 4 games. What a pathetic example.  If Hardy was on the Patriots, Goodell would have tried to put him in a gulag.  


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