Draft Week Revisit of Eli Manning’s College Scouting Report

Twelve years ago, the Giants made one of the most important decisions in their franchises’  illustrious history by trading the rights of Philip Rivers and multiple other draft picks for Eli Manning.  For all the criticism that was directed at the haul for Peyton’s cartoon-like little brother, Giants nation would have shipped off way more if they knew two world championships were in the cards.  Today, Giants.com released Ernie Acorsi’s collegiate scouting report on the Giants quarterback when he was gunslinging at Ole’ Miss.  The entire scouting report can be found here, but I felt the need to highlight some of the future projections that Acorsi absolutely nailed.

It must always be exhilarating for a general manager to look at this face…

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 9.34.02 PM.png

and predict that all the highlights in college would translate to all of the qualities that you look for in a quarterback, such as composure and mobility in the pocket while under pressure.


Acorsi understood that Eli’s personality and demeanor would allow him to command his teammates respect in the huddle, and give him total control of the line of scrimmage:


What the Giants old general manager fell in love with was undoubtedly Eli’s clean mechanics and natural throwing ability–the way that the ball just smoothly leaves Eli’s hands is the eighth wonder of the world.


All jokes aside, from August to January (and February on occasion) I pray at the temple of Eli, and all my hopes and dreams comfortably rest on the right arm of the league’s goofiest quarterback.

Ole’ Ernie saw Eli’s play-making ability, sometimes against all odds, without any help from his teammates.  But he also so how that lack of assistance never ate into Eli’s toughness:

No tight end either.  No flaring back.  So he’s taking some big hits.  Taking them well.”

Too true! We’ve most certainly seen Eli take some bone shattering hits, and not be phased for a second.


Although he has demonstrated some of the league’s better escapability!


Additionally, Acorsi praised Eli as a teammate:

Doesn’t scold his teammates, but lets them know when they line up wrong or run the wrong pattern”

Indeed, Ernie.  Furthermore, Eli is rarely shaken by mistakes, often never becoming demonstrative on the field when he is disappointed in the outcome of plays.  We’ve all become accustomed to the famous “Eli Face.”


I’ll digress on the jabbing; Eli has been a sorcerer of magic for the Giants.  Ernie Acorsi saw his ability to conjure plays from thin air, often in critical moments:

In my opinion, most of all, he has that quality you can’t define.  Call it magic…”

Magic, you say?  I don’t know if I can think of any moments in his career that would fit that description…



In addition to these two seminal moments in Giants history, remember when he set Dallas on fire in 2011, and in the same season hit on one 99 yards to Victor Cruz when he was 4 feet away from a safety?

Yeah, he has made some of the uglier players we’ve seen in quite a while, but I’ll always take the good with the bad when it comes to Easy E.  You don’t just walk into an 8-3 lifetime playoff record and two Super Bowl Most Valuable Player awards by being anything less than a savant at quarterback.

Put a team around this man and let’s go get a third championship for him!



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