Starlin Castro: Did We Just Become Best Friends?

Couldn’t wait until Monday for this joy filled ode to the 3-day old 2016 Yankees.

Let’s get this out-of-the-way: this pitching staff STINKS so far.  Eovaldi was the textbook definition of inconsistent today, having been bailed out by Teixeria’s late 3-run home run to give the Yanks an 8-5 lead.  Tanaka was his usual decent self for 6 innings, and Pineda’s pitching performance yesterday was disappointing to say the least too.  Every time that guy goes out to pitch, he has the opportunity to declare the Yanks winners of that disaster Montero-Pineda deal, and instead the verdict continues to be “Wash.”

Today was poetry:  consistent bounce back innings from the offense to bail out Eovaldi, late production from the middle of the order and then of course the guillotine from the back-end of the bullpen.  Love the tease by Miller in the 9th too.  That slider is more disgusting than my diet after 12 am.  Betance’s came back with a dominant inning after imploding on opening day.

Now, hanging over the team like a dark cloud is the team’s starting pitching in the opening series.  Tanaka is not a number one, and if the Yankees stay the course with this staff, that could come back and bite them.  Severino gets a shot tomorrow against Miggy and the Tiger’s, and CC is a true wild card on this staff.  Nova made it pretty clear that he is breathing down the neck of CC for that fifth starters role with four shutout innings of relief yesterday during their 16-6 win.  Starting pitching situation will definitely be fluid throughout the season.

Now, who’s chipping in to buy Starlin Castro his first steak dinner?  I’ve heard all these rumors about the Jekyll and Hyde act that he can pull in terms of production and effort, but so far he’s been a god send.  It makes the fact that Cano is off to a torrid start in Seattle a little less painful.  Castro doubled and homered again today to get the blood flowing to all the right places.  However, he teased the “Hyde” aspect of his game by dogging a ball scalded off the wall and getting thrown out at second.

The lineup the first three games has been outstanding. Five more Yankees with multi-hit games. A patented Yankee inning yesterday to drop a 6 spot in the first and chase McHugh was visual candy.  Nothing like seeing Teixeira drinking from the fountain of youth and popping a little oppo-taco out the ball park today.

This is starting to border on a  rant but I feel like a little school-girl!


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