Giants Add Some Depth


Wouldn’t know any of these guys from a hole in the wall.  With the draft as the only event in the future of any note, the Giants are rounding out their roster with depth-quality players.

I’ve seen some people say that FB/TE Will Johnson is the type of player the Giants need for that added physical dimension in the run game.  On a roster where your RT and RG are still Marshall Newhouse and John Jerry, I’m inclined to disagree.

The signings of linemen Dillon Farrell and Ryan Seymour reunite them with OL Coach Mike Solari.  That’s about the only fact to get excited about because I have literally no idea who any of these guys are.

We’ve recently seen reports of a Jerraud Powers having dinner with Giants brass, but that courting has yet to materialize by CB3.  It’s looking more and more likely that the Giants might land Vernon Hargraves in the draft, and don’t ask me why after they dished out a stupid amount of money for Janoris Jenkins.  But that would address their need for a third cornerback.

Well know more about what the man with a newfound sense of direction Jerry Reese plans on doing once the draft hits.  I’d list the team needs in order of importance as follows:

  1.  Wide Receiver:  Think on that blowout loss in Minnesota last year.  An Odell Beckham-less offense looked putrid and it warrants real concern about the depth at WR behind the GOAT of wide receivers.
  2. Defensive Line:  Even those they just shelled out big dollars to Snacks and Vernon, they still could use a solid piece along the defensive line.  Once you get past the starting four, you’re left with Kerry Wynn, Owa and Nikita Whitlock.  Not quite the NASCAR package.
  3. Right Tackle:  See my comment on Marshall Newhouse above.
  4. Safety:  I get that the play of our guys not named Landon Collins last year was the worst we’ve ever seen, but Reese is known for looking for in-house solutions.  They have multiple guys returning from IR, with Reese having publicly endorsed all of them for the starter’s spot.  Not to say they won’t try a guy like Karl Joseph or Vonn Bell in the second round, but I expect them to address the holes listed above first.

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