Got my First Taste of a Nine to Five 

Another interruption from my Giants blogs to bring to you an unsolicited update on my life.
Since I’m with the lowest percentile of college kids–the ones who do not go away on spring break with their friends–I’m assisting my mom at the office today and tomorrow (assisting meaning organizing a filing cabinet and making labels). Yup, I forfeited the opportunity to drink in a tropical paradise and swoon all the women (because I’m assuming you just go on spring break and that automatically happens, right?) and instead became King Label Maker, rightful heir to the title of Label Making GOAT.  Some samples of my mastery-level work.

Those are all technical terms we use in the bizz in case you were wondering.

My favorite color is now Buff, since I’ve been staring at Manila folders for 7 hours straight.  As a college student who has wrestled with anxiety over potential careers, it’s reassuring to know I’m qualified to be secretary with my rudimentary knowledge of the alphabet and it’s order, courage to withstand paper cuts, savvy with scissors and scotch tape as well as a multitude of other stationary and organizational skills I picked up on in kindergarten.  I’ll  now sleep soundly at night knowing there is a place for me in the working world.

Meanwhile, what a disconnect between my world and the work world.  First, fashion and style have both been completely abandoned.  People meet the bare minimum as far as dress codes go.  Exhibit A:  the gentleman who, when told he had to wear dressy pants, figured the pair he wore to his high school junior prom would suffice.  While I hopped out of bed in anticipation of getting to wear my off-the-rack dress shoes and only pair of slacks, this guy gave himself his own hand-me-down and wore pants that rested comfortably above his low ankle.  Sock game should definitely be better than the blandest of greens if you’re going to pull that move.
Next, the manbun has suddenly become acceptable in the office work place? Since when? I figured 99/100 times you asked a random manbun what he did for a living, the answer would either be yoga instructor, vegan or whole foods employee.  Certainly didn’t think the white collar world had made room for the man buns.  Who says we don’t live in a progressive era!

I had a sense that my fear of people, hatred of stuffy places and frequent foot pains would make me dislike mass transit, and today confirmed that.  Sitting next to strangers is a big, big pet peeve of mine.  Sorry lady, I don’t want you to rest your freshly showered and wet hair on my shoulder while you take your 7 am nap.

Also, I probably get fired from my first job in the city because I would undoubtly get lost on the way to work.  I am ashamed to say that I haven’t the slightest clue which way is uptown, where the A or L train goes and the difference between streets and avenues.

Quite a learning experience for the kid today.  City commute might be a trial by fire so I’m willing to roll with the punches if that means a steady paycheck and studio apartment to call my own.



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