Bengals Make me Pity the State of Ohio

There are rivals, there are bitter rivals and then there is the modern day Steelers/Bengal’s rivalry.  A sequel to the movie concussion could have been written about just last nights game.  First, Ryan Shazier annihilated Giovani Bernard, and in doing so, further clouded the defenseless receiver/runner/crown of the helmut penalty.


Holy shit.  No flag on the play, the argument being Bernard had established himself as a runner, and apparently a runner is allowed to have his brains turned into scrambled eggs.  Live look at the inside of Bernard’s dome.


And did you think that Vontaze Burfict was gonna sit there on the sidelines and let someone other than himself be the one who delivers a borderline dirty hit?  Burficts appetizer: let’s land on the opposing teams franchise quarterback and temporarily knock him out of the game.


One Steeler’s superstar down, one to go.  Let’s also make it a personal foul on 55 during the most crucial moments of the game.


Ridiculous.  Fittingly, James Harrison came to Burfict’s defense in regards to the hit on Brown.  Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 1.10.17 PM.png

Look, I’ve sat through some bad, bad losses as a Giants fan.  I closely watched the Packers implode against Seattle last year.  Nothing compares to this loss.  Matt Dodge kicking to DeSean is a MAJOR upgrade from this train wreck of a game last night.

There’s no denying how good of a player Burfict is.  He made a ridiculous interception to give the Bengal’s the ball back with less than 2 minutes remaining.  However, people tend to forget those things when you launch yourself into a receiver and put the Steelers into field goal range.  Keep in mind this is also a guy who’s been captured wrenching guy’s ankles at the bottom of piles.  High character guy.

Adam Jones being Pacman just for good measure and racking an additional 15 yards for unsportsmanlike.  It’s not a true Bengal meltdown unless Pacman is involved.  Those crocodile tears are unlikely to get sympathy from anyone in Ohio.  pacman-jones-crying

That loss might epitomize the Marvin Lewis era.  Pretty ironic that the player’s he gave second chances to might be the reason he get’s axed.



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