Is it Time for 2016 Giants Football Yet?




Forward: I am well aware that I am two days late to the doom and gloom recap of New York Giants football. However, it takes me a few days to digest games as horrific as Sunday’s NFC East showdown that had first place on the line. So here it is.



  1. The Jekyll and Hyde Giants, ladies and gentlemen! 14 days after nearly upsetting the undefeated Patriots, thanks to Landon Collins knocking himself out on an interception attempt (SCREAMS INTERNALLY), the Giants laid a colossal egg in Washington. You had 14 days to prepare for Kirk Cousins. Kirk Cousins. This guy could freeze oil with the temperature equivalent of his QBR against the Giants. The dumpster fire franchise that literally no one in football likes completely lanced the Giants.
  2. Of course, it being the Giants, where there is insult there is also injury. Geoff Schwartz is out for the year with a broken leg. I have no way to blame Jerry Reese for this one but believe me, if I could I would. That makes Victor Cruz, Jonathan Hankins and Geoff Schwartz all important players and IR victims this season.
  3. Rueben Randle is dead to me. I spent a while sticking up for his contested catch ability, while writing off his 0.0 YAC. You know the old football cliché “When you get the ball in his hands, special things happen?” Well, Rueben is the antithesis of that statement. He is the most underwhelming run-after the catch receiver, usually just opting to fall down like he is in the Matrix and someone pulled the plug on his real-world self. Good luck in free agency man, I’m happy to take my chances with Geremy Davis next year.
  4. I realized watching this game that there really is not anybody under contract for next year that I genuinely would be happy to see play for us next year. I’ve narrowed the list of guys that I want back to about ten players: Eli, ODB, Pugh, Flowers, Richburg, Vereen, Hank, Kennard, DRC and Collins. Go away everyone else. They need to cut players like Jon Beason and Will Beatty, as well as restructure with Victor Cruz. By doing that, they can add an additional $15 million or so to the Cap Space, and pursue some serious positional needs in free agency, like Safety (Eric Weddle, Eric Berry), a pass rusher (Mohammed Wilkerson, Von Miller, Jason Pierre-Paul) cornerback (Leon Hall, Sean Smith, Prince Amukamara, Greg Toler, Nolan Carroll) a complimentary Wide-Receiver (Marvin Jones, Brandon Tate, Alshon Jeffery, Jermaine Kearse) and Offensive Line (Russell Okung, Andre Smith, Alex Boone, Evan Mathis).
  5. To sort of piggy back off the end of the last rant, Eli Manning has about one and a half people to throw to out there. It’s Odell “Holy Shit” Beckham, who yet again made an unbelievable catch, and sometimes Shane Vereen, and I say sometimes because they are unwilling to incorporate a top pass catching back into the game plan consistently. Washington gashed the Giants with an array of screen concepts, and the NFL being a league of imitation and all, why not take a lesson? OR MAYBE EVEN BE THE STANDARD BECAUSE YOU HAVE SHANE VEREEN! Injuries and ineptitude have greatly lowered the ceiling on this offense. Give me someone Reese, anyone, to help out ODB and Eli. The Manning window will not be open forever. I give him another three years; I need at least one more Super Bowl from him in those three years.
  6. To again piggyback, I want the Giants to tank. I want a high-draft pick. I want them to build off the last three drafts. The draft is tremendously important and I don’t think people realize how important it is to replenish your roster from drafts.
    1. You get your pick of the litter! You can fill a positional need, add talent, and deepen positions.
    2. Those players are under team control for a relatively affordable amount.

It does not help when you whiff on the second round and beyond in five consecutive drafts. Marvin Austin? Terrell Thomas? Clint Sintim? Ramses Barden? Travis Beckum? Phillip Dillard? Jerrel Jernigan? James Brewer? SEE WHERE I AM GOING! THEY ALL SUCK. How about teams that draft well and retain their talent successful? Well…

Seattle Drafts 2010-2012: Russell Okung, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, KJ Wright, Richard Sherman, Bruce Irvin, Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson, JR Sweezy.

Cincinnati Drafts 2010-2013: Carlos Dunlap, Geno Atkins, AJ Green, Andy Dalton, Dre Kirkpatrick, Kevin Zeitler, Marvin Jones, Tyler Eifert, Giovani Bernard

Green Bay Drafts 2008-2012: Bryan Bulaga, Mike Neal, Morgan Burnett, James Starks, Randall Cobb, Casey Hayward, BJ Raji, Clay Matthews, TJ Lang, Josh Sitton, Jordy Nelson


Anything stand out to you about these teams? Maybe it is they are in contention EVERY YEAR? The Giants are making strides; I’ll give them that. They need a slam-dunk draft class and to spend 90% of this cap space to make sure that Eli hoists infinite Lombardi Trophy’s and balls out in the latest Chevy automobile at the expense of the Patriots wins another Super Bowl.

Rant Over.



PS- I want to take the Jets behind the woodshed. Odell needs to make Cromartie regret opening his mouth. You may not be able to remember the names of your children Cro, but you will certainly remember the day that you called ODB “Daddy.”


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