The Giants Stuck to Their Guns This Draft and Got Better Because of it

The Giants draft did not necessarily address the blocking issue the way the fans and pundits would have liked. But they did get better as a football team, and that is sort of worth something.


2017 New York Giants Draft Preview

Foreward:  I've been horribly wrong about the Giants draft before, and I've been laser-like in my accuracy before.  Biggest gaff?  Probably angrily slamming my fists into my steering wheel when the radio announced that instead of Notre Dame G Zack Martin, the Giants would be selecting LSU WR Odell  Beckham Jr.  Hand up folks, that one... Continue Reading →

Islanders Post-Season Update #1

Season just ended last weekend, and we are already at the first update, isn't that special. There are a couple of updates, not exactly sure how to take them, much like this entire organization all of the time. I'm also a couple of days late but whatever, I'm a relatively busy guy. So the big... Continue Reading →

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